Too much to drink

Well, I just woke up, and had to walk over M-fine and Zip. Dang that chimp can drink. And well, Bacon and drinking never mix. I see shreds of Twister parts all over the place. So I am “Assuming” things got out of hand after I fell asleep. Ahhh, once again, the pounding of the keyboards is like drums beating in my head. So when you comment today, please type quietly.

Hope you stocked up on this.

The toilets are clogged. Dang!

And who thought bringing Tammy Faye would be a good idea. Who? I want names. She wont stop singing. AHHHHHH

I am going back to bed! Ugh..

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15 Responses to “Oh Boy!”
  1. m-fine

    I might still be drunk from yesterday, but nowhere near drunk enough or dumb enough to click on that Tammy Faye link!!!

  2. Rick

    Why do I keep coming to your parties every year. It’s never good the next day. Must be the varnish in the punch.

  3. John Rothert

    jeez that must have been quite a blowout judging from the list of attendees yesterday … huge….to the number responding today…few…just north of ZIP…
    Speaking of ZIP…is he up yet?
    I went boating…don’t drink…do cruise….

    John in Va.

  4. Slats

    For those of you doing the walk of shame today, please remember where you parked last night. And don’t forget to take the tupperware home with you.

  5. Rick

    After leaving your party Joseph Hazelwood thought it was a good idea to go boating. Unfortunately being drunk he forgot to put the drainplug back in.

  6. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da UP)

    Just got up. I must’ve drank too much lyman Lager last night. My head feels like it hit the dock, and my stomach feels like the bottom of the bilge. Cover me and put me away.

  7. Mr."O"'s Boat Scratching Service

    Had a little too much-think I’ll sleep it off!

  8. John Rothert

    what is the story of the header pic?
    Big trouble there…
    John in Va.

  9. floyd r turbo

    Yes, what’s the scoop. That looks like a Riva sittin’ a little low in the water.

  10. John Rothert

    yes, and if that tow line comes taught at that angle he is swamped and a goner????

    John in Va.