Early “Crusher”

I was rudely awakened by Bruiser this morning around 3 AM. I thought, mmmm, might be a good opportunity to do the massive story I got from fellow Woody Boater Greg jones about his Hat Collection.. It’s a whopper, with cheese.. Holy crap. Greg has a hat thing for sure and I love it. But, to be honest, after Bruiser pee’d and poo’d TWICE! And wrestled with his evil arch nemesis.. THE BROOM.. The Broom and Bruiser have “issues”

More to come.. All of these are original and amazing.

Anyway I kept falling asleep in front of the key board, and well. So today you get a teaser to tune in. It’s worthy of a teaser. And you should be prepared. Like make sure you have lots of coffee, maybe a nice breakfast and some time to just bask in hat glory.

From dept store hats to high end Hollywood ones!




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15 Responses to “Tune In Tomorrow For The Mother Of All Hat Stories”
  1. Chug-A-Lug

    I’d put one in my door-but I’m having issues with Raccoons right now.

    • Bilge Rat

      Second that. I have heard horror stories of raccoons and skunks letting themselves in for a surprise breakfast guest.

      I think they should rename them “pest” doors.

      • Briant

        Actually the nicer ones have a tag chip that you put on the dog’s collar and then the electronic door will only open with the pooch nearby. Thusly Mr Trash Panda and Ass Stink will be left out in the cold.

  2. m-fine

    Early one morning on the way to the ski hill, I stopped to watch a dog drag a deer carcass through his dog door. I decided never to have a dog door after that.

    I figure that it’s better to wake up and let the dog out than to wake up and haul the rotting carcass out.

  3. Art

    When I first read the header, I thought that you had found my mothers hat. So I will be waiting with bated breath for tomorrows ramblings.

  4. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da UP)

    Will it be Captain Kirk, Cap’n Crunch, or Captain Kangaroo wearing that hat.

  5. Lily

    All I wanted for Christmas was my two front teeth.

    Instead, I got a skipper’s cap.