Today is the first day of the end of 2020. As in that time between Christmas and New Year. Kinda a no mans land of days. So, today, I decided, to do a generic story. Yup a story about nothing. Yet something, because its here and you are reading it. So its something about nothing. Not to be confused with the Seinfeld show about nothing, in which he made a ship load of something green from. I will just keep dribbling on about nothing, and you my fellow Woody Boaters will wonder why in the hell you are still reading this crap about..well. nothing.

Another photo

Can ya tell I have had about 2 hrs sleep? Who in the hell thought getting a puppy would be a good idea? I can vouch for the Boatress, she said bad idea.. Shhh don’t tell her she was right, it just encourages more of her being right. “Ahhhh there’s nothing too it” I said.. And here we are.. With more nothing. Heck, I am not even sure I have posted this yet? Have I?

Photo of taking a photo
Photo of a photo
Bad photo
Cleaned up bad photo
Photo of a photo used in a poster
The first photo
Photo with my photo and a photo of me on a badge.
Photo of babe, having her photo taken by a babe,
Photo of a future ticket holder
A photo of a photographer taking a photo of herself in a mirror. LOOP ALERT
And last but no least Morris Rosenfeld and “Foto ” 1961

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  1. I like this week! Coarse it’s because my B-day is in this week.Kinda sucks to be born close to Christmas as gifts get doubled up.

  2. I’m distracted from the great nothingness in wondering how they got that second boat on and off that trailer?

    ( a screen shot of a cleaned up photo…..)

    • Bob Berglund built boats starting around mid 50’s. He started building them in his garage and after he sold a few had to move to a larger building. He built boats from 12′ to 18′. Mostly “sportsman” style but they also built “express cruiser” styles boats. One of the characteristics of a Berglund boat is the backwards c design on the sides. They were made from molded mahoghany plywood and oak(?) frames. They were all powered by outboard motors. Not sure if they built any inboards. The company went out of business around 1959-60. The company was located in Wilmington, IL. More info and pictures on the Berglund website.

    • It’s the RGB color of 191, 184, 184 expressed in hexadecimal form. To see what it looks like, look at the header.

  3. No real photo captions so we need to make them up ourselves in the best tradition of WoodyBoater. But first a nap.

  4. I enjoyed the photo of Morris Rosenfeld. He had such a huge impact on boating, most may not even know the extent of his work, but it has been a real window to the past .

  5. geez…the nothing story got lots of good responses! Run a story about the 8 Chris Craft trawlers…
    I am just back from Going Boating…or at least staying aboard last night in the covered slip with the shore power heat on….
    John in Va

  6. Shoulda got a cat instead of a puppy.We don’t do poo on floor(we go in box in litter)we leave presents(dead mice & birds.)even a barfed up mouse on your pillow.