Stay tuned for minute by minute updates as The Mystery boat is picked up TODAY and her story will be reviled. Here is the plan as of now.

TParsons, is driving Rochester Mich to Holland via a meeting in Lansing today. Then driving back to his shop tonight. Steve Anderson, will pick her up in the AM and deliver to Robinson Wood Supply east of Toledo to Bob Hamilton, and then he will make the trek to Maryland, were I will pick her up and bring her here to Reedville Late Sunday or early Monday. Stuff is happening right now. Stay tuned for updates as we get them.

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11 Responses to “Daisy Chain UPDATE – It’s Going Down Today!”
  1. Mike K

    details details, we need more details.
    what radio station will bob listen too
    hitch size?
    4 or 5 pin connector?
    tire pressure?

    this is so exciting

  2. Dick Dow

    Story to be reviled or revealed? Big difference, particularly if Suzy is not on board…;)

    Sounds like it’s come together – good luck!

  3. floyd r turbo

    Just a heads up, Maryland uses automated speed radar tracking in some locations and sends out automated tickets based on how many MPH’s you are over the posted speed (bastards). Don’t ask me how I know.

  4. Old Salt

    If only the WoodyBoater app worked! We could’ve tracked everyone’s movement live.

  5. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Its a shame they don’t have that early 40s Chevrolet semi, that Owens Yacht Co. had. It would be a lot slower, but way cooler. Don’t forget the Yuengling for the Michigan crew.

  6. Matt

    REPORT IN, No images. She has been picked up and almost back to Detroit area. Woohooo

    • Brian b

      Bummer I was hoping to get some pics as it went through Grand Rapids

  7. Tparsons56

    Sorry for not updating earlier but was busy. The “package” is safely stored indoors in Rochester Hills, MI after the first leg of the journey.

    All went well with no issues at all. I sent some pictures to Matt and it’s up to him if he wants to reveal the contents.

  8. Jeffrey Martinson

    This reminds me of when the TV used to scroll the news that “Santa’s sleigh had been sighted moving in the direction of town,” lol.