Holland to Sandusky, Toledo?

Okay here is where the Daisy Chain stands. Bob Hamilton is ready and can get the boat a tad east of Toledo on or around 1 PM Saturday, But Steve seems to have disappeared. No email response. STEVE? You alive? Anyway, the seller feller may??? be able to drive it to Toledo on Sat AM, but part of the fun, for all of us is doing this on our own. Is there anyone in Holland area that can be part of this towards that general direction. even part of the way if there is someone in that area that can jump in the chain?

Maybe Owen’s can do it? – Thanks Verne for the photo

Oh this was all to easy. LAGISTICS! HA. The sad part is its a sunny weekend. And the next couple weeks are gonna get wonky…er….



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21 Responses to “We May Need A Plan B For The Daisy Chain ASAP?”
  1. Steve Anderson from Michigan

    I am here! Sorry, crazy day yesterday. Let me make some final checks and I will email you.

  2. Matt

    OH HELL YA! I wasnt sure if I had your correct email. Check and see in Spam possibly. I gave the owners name and number to call and arrange! BLESS YOU!

    • Steve Anderson from Michigan

      It’s all good! Will someone call and let my wife know where I am? Please wait until I am on the road! Lol

  3. Matt

    LIVE UPDATE – Steve lives in St Clare Shores, so it would be a HUGE help is someone in Holland could meet him part of the way to avoid driving across the state that early? Anyone in Holland that can manage the MIKE part of the trip. Mike is the seller, and will try, but we are trying to help everyone here. Thanks so much

  4. John

    This is like the olympic torch relay and starting kinda sorta near Torch Lake

    – i suppose holding an actual lit torch out the drivers side window pulling a trailer loaded withh tender tinder is out of the question??

  5. Gail Turner

    Why do I keep thinking about the movie Smokey and the Bandit when reading this? Filmed right here in our town….guess y’all need a theme song to go with this!

    • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

      “East bound and down loaded up and truckin .We gonna do what they say can’t be done”🎶. I think Bandit and Snow Man are ready. BTW when traveling through Pennsylvania, pick up some Yuengling. You still can’t get that in Michigan.

  6. tparsons56

    I live in Rochester, MI which is a northern suburb of Detroit. If need be I can drive to Holland early tomorrow morning, pick up the boat and get it back to the Detroit area.

    • Steve Anderson from Michigan

      I am actually in St Clair Shores, not St Clair. I would hate to have you go to Holland when we live so close, but I appreciate your offer. I am trying to do the first leg as early as possible, without getting started on the east side of the state at 5am. Ideally, the first leg gets started about 8am from someone on that side of Michigan.

  7. Kelly Wittenauer

    Jerry Reed is singing “Eastbound & Down” in my head now 🙂

    Love the Owens transporter photo. Pic of the Owens cruiser owned by family friends when I was a child.

  8. Matt

    [Looks like T Parsons is going today deliver to Rochester, Steve goes from there to Bob and then to maryland HOLY CRAP! Now we need a daisy chain to haul all the beer back. Where is Burt now? Sally?

    • Reddog

      Burt (Bandit) was born in Lansing, Mi. So he may go for the ride along at least in spirit anyway. Sally (Froggie) lives in Ca. @ 74 yrs. old. I don’t think she’ll be able to make the trip on such short notice.

  9. Rick

    Matt they really deserve some type of WoodyBoater Eastbound and Down T-shirt or hat.

  10. Matt

    They all deserve black firebirds. WE ARE A GO, T Parsons is getting it tonight, driving it to Rochester, From there in the AM Steve is taking it to Robinson Wood suply where Bob is picking it up. GOOD GOD! Stay tuned for live ish updates.

    • Greg Lewandowski

      Wishing this operation good luck and good weather. Nice to see one of the Michigan gang is part of the team!

  11. Jeffrey Martinson

    This really needs to be videoed for mashup. The reading is compelling, but I’m curious to see if the movie is as good!!

    • Steve Anderson from Michigan

      The movie is NEVER as good as the book. Here’s to having an event free trip with NO stories to tell for generations to make fun of!

  12. Verne

    Amazing to see that Owens built that trailer just to haul its 30ft cruiser. Of course it provided a second duty by picking up 10 marine engines.
    Glad to see you used that photo Matt.

  13. Dick Hansen

    Some type of photo documentation is definitely in order. A full-length movie would be boring but photos of the participants and handoffs would be fun.