The vision

The most fun part of all this project is the part where I clean up and yet leave authentic. My goal is to make it not just look like its always been this way, but feels like its been this way. The Railway is a key part of the towns texture. It’s there, and yet, not there. If that makes sense.

Before -ish

Stuff removed. The power pole and all power will be burried

Gravel has been put in so trucks can put in more gravel and concrete near the railway

Quick sketch of how it will look.

Since its on the water not on Main Street like all the fancy houses, part of the dance here is to keep it that way. Yet fit into place. Make sense?

Main St Reedville

Overhead plan for permits.

Well, my feeling is to do this like an artist. Not a contractor. Preserving, not restoring, or rebuilding. To let the history speak in its true self. I know, I know, it’s rather zen like. But it’s why I am doing this.

From the water – The sign is designed to blend in. A font that fits the water tower font. And feels period to the space. We called in Noal Webber.

Pencil sketch from Noel.

This will be painted on the barns – The MARINE is in the shape of a boat hull on a railway. I was inspired by looking through Noels Book. FOR SALE HERE.

THE BOOK! click on the banner!

The Zipper insanity on a building scale. Is it achievable? I am gonna try like hell. Some of the larger challenges are the stuff thats actually more modern. Getting the electrical up to current standards, safety, and well, more safety. Yet doing it in a way that keeps the ….electricity of the place going!

There will be a Red fence..WOOD no plastic crap fence to define the parking.  The barn red matches the roofs on either side of the property All the white trim on the buildings will be the matching barn red. We want it to blend in.

Of course I want to put this sign up for all the neighbors.. Shhhhh, they dont read Woody Boater. Imagine the horror! HA,


A Bunker is the name for the fish they catch here.. You think I am just nuts here? They still havnt gotten over my idea of getting Viagra to sponsor the smoke stack..

STAY TUNED, there is a ton more. Insulation, the parts room, library, and a new cool project for the town given with LOVE!

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26 Responses to “The Big Picture For The Reedville Marine Railway.”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    That sure is a “pretty” looking boat yard! Great design and keep up the great work.

  2. rjtipple

    Your creativity and imagination continues to shine through. I can’t imagine taking this on, and I’ve restored/remodeled 6 houses, 3 condos and one Chris Craft all while working full time. Of course that was over a period of 50 years. Best of luck, and I hope to come see it in the future.

    • Tom G.

      Brilliant sense of humor and equally brilliant sense of design. This is so much fun to watch.

  3. Murdock

    Those of us in the know call this insanity “standing in a cold shower and tearing up thousand dollar bills”.
    Applies to this activity or any type of preservation or restoration involving old things.
    Matt is in good company. There is a club for us somewhere……..!
    Or, a small, soft padded room if you ask our wives.

  4. Matt

    If thats the diagnosis I am 100% in. I have had more fun in the past couple months doing this than alot of other things that were supposed to be fun. Like going to the beach. BORING, Theme parks. TORTURE, and Broadway.. WAKE ME UP!

    • floyd r turbo

      Add to that cruise ship cruises and non boat related cocktail parties.

  5. m-fine

    I was 100% onboard with the preservation plan…until I saw the Bunker Apartments concept art! That’s pure genius!

  6. Ed

    Did you just buy a superfund site ? Are you responsible for the contamination?

  7. Matt

    I had a phase 1 and phase 2 done. I am doing what was recomended to do. All good.

  8. John Rothert

    When you get the Library (great idea) up and running I will offer my complete run of WoodenBoat magazine for the archive.

    John in Va.

  9. Art

    You need to add a few Royal Palms next to the stately entrance to the Bunker Apartments.

    I love your vision Matt.

  10. johnu

    “The Bunker Apartments” Excellent! When my friend built a “man cave” in a small town, the grape vine was buzzing with far fetched ideas that overflowed at the town hall meeting.

  11. Chug-A-Lug

    I remember this spot from one of my past lives.I had a happy childhood however as a clam,I never grew up .Last thing I remembered was entering in this big cave under a fuzzy moustache,

  12. Troy in ANE

    I think along with the Bunker apartments you should plan on having a “Pole Barn” on site.

  13. Dick Hansen

    Looks great Matt, are the tracks and winch equipment intact? If they are would like to see that equipment.

  14. Matt

    No need for cream for a while in your coffee. There is gonna be all kinds of milking here.

  15. Randy

    I want to reserve one of the ground floor Bunker Apartment Retirement Living units!

    Just wish I lived closer so I could haul my Matthews on that railway.

  16. Lee Langston-Harrison

    What vision, what art, so love the preservation route … Matt, please let the Reedville Fishermen’s Museum gang help! Is there a place for a tiny display of the history of the railway? Free-standing panel(s) maybe … I’d LOVE to help. Say yes, please! Lee at director Hope you are enjoying this great adventure!