Bruiser and his new buddy.

Over the weekend I spent way to much time of sorting out small details. Funny how the smaller stuff takes the larger time. I recall someone telling me restoring a boat to good condition is one thing, to show quality can take twice as long. that extra 10% of work can eat you alive. And yet, that is where the magic happens. At least for me. Sometimes the smallest detail can define a space, or time.

Getting there – Pre Drill Press Dance

I was able to move the drill press, yes myself. We danced across the floor, twisting and turning, until we decided to stop at the window that was just trimmed out.

The bathroom.

The Drill press is now at that window

I have been moving where the desk should go, right now two large grease cans and a slab of raw cut wood. Soon to be my grandfathers desk and some furniture. But that needs to wait until the french doors go in.

Na! Feels strange to have my back to the street. yes, I am using fung-shui. Actually not kidding.

The wall of tools and parts is starting to blend in.

I am trying to figure out if there is a way to bring the railway to Lake Dora for the show up this year. I can plunk the office right down and stay in there and yell at people to wear their masks? Ya, that would work out great. Maybe Sweet Pea can come and run aground in the Dora Canal. That would be fun.. Maybe I will just stick to dancing with the Drill Press.

Of course I started to become artistically inspiered by the Drill Press, and started to clean it, just enough. Not to much though.

What an amazing work of art.

Cleaning revieled some variations of color and tone. The gears! AHHHHH!

After cleaning-ish it, I used some of the grease in my table base to just rub it all over my dance partner. Oh boy. Here we go. There she is, starring out the window waiting for me to come back.

Here is the same photo in BW. Things got a bit artsy! Oh well.

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19 Responses to “Railway Update- Dancing With My Drill Press. Watch Your Feet!”
  1. Jeff @ Indian Lake

    Even the newspapers up here in Ohio have heard of DORA……though I’m not sure it’s the same one…[Story Image]
    Fighting the social norms of alcohol
    By SARA ARTHURS saraarthurs@thecourier.comMar 15, 2021 10:30 AM With DORA on the way, coalition teaches dangers of legal drugs

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    The drill press is amazing. Great decision to leave it in there. What french doors? I hope you’re not removing those great looking barn doors next to the bath room. Those are beautiful! The place is looking great.

  3. Matt

    The “Barn Doors” are of course staying. One of my favorite parts of the shed. The French doors are going on the oposite side over looking the railway. George designed it for them so when a boat is up on the rail, parts can be loaded into the shed. I am going to wrap a small deck around the space as well. Here is a before image.

  4. Bilge Rat

    The juxtaposition of the drill press at the window is pure art. Completely impractical in real life as it would limit the size of whatever would be drilled (unless you could open the window), but this was said about art:

    “Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life.”
    Oscar Wilde

  5. Matt

    The drill press has been not in use for over 50 years. At least now it serves a purpose. Believe it or not, there is another 60’s version here at the Railway. Not a press but a wrist breaker for sure. Stay tuned.

  6. Bilge Rat

    Gotta get that line shaft drive working! A steam powered turbine as the prime mover would be impressive. Run the press, turn some paddle fans, stir the coffee, the possibilities are practically endless. Talk about taking up all your time, when would you go boating?

  7. Troy in ANE

    I love the way artists see things (I am married to one remember).

    The less artistic types (AKA me) know that when a person buys or designs a drill, or drill press, they do not want a drill, or drill press. What they are really seeking is a whole. Though the press may seem artistic in it’s design I am sure it was designed that way out of pure functionality. It does look GREAT by the window in that space.

  8. Mike D

    Matt did you use Bruiser to clean the grease off the drill press? (second photo)

    • Matt

      Yes. he had dry skin and now! NOPE. I have trained him to use the grease gun as well. WHOE’S A GOOD BOY? YOU ARE!

  9. Reddog

    Nobody mentioned how close your desk is to the bathroom. Was that on purpose or just worked out that way?

  10. Matt

    The concept is to be able to just turn the chair and pee. Back in the day I could have made it. Now adays.. well. Its a long shot.. TMI?

    • Murdock

      Not too much TMI Matt.
      I would think that most of us who are your partners in crime at this age are just thrilled gravity exists at 4:00 am.
      Win the “peeing for distance contest”? Not a chance………….

  11. floyd r "rube goldberg" turbo

    Instead of mothballing your Wecatchem “W” CC motor, bring it to the shop and make a nice oiled oak engine bed stand, plumb the exhaust out the side wall and a water connection to a bucket inside with a water pickup to the pump. Then setup a small helm station to start and run it. Hook up a belt drive to the “W’s” transmission from a tractor up to your line drive in the ceiling. Then run a drive belt to your drill press with a paddle stirrer in the chuck to stir your coffee with your cup on the drill press table adjusted for proper depth.

  12. Richard Daley

    ?looks like your chair could use some castors,
    Then you can just roll over to the WC

  13. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Coming along nicely Matt. I like that drill press. A few years ago, I sold an antique table saw to a guy. He told me about a Vintage Machinery club. These people restore old machines like we do boats and motors. Very interesting.

  14. Hugger69

    Amazing work you do and and it’s like watching Picasso painting when you work, keep up the good work bro! 🤛🏻🤗🙏🏻
    …. it that white plastic garden chair?
    What happened? Please give us your own thoughts here….😂