Oh boy!

Yesterday, I was able to work at the new old Railway office. It’s still a bit of a mess and half done, but at least now, I can step off to the side and have a meeting between small projects. So it’s a tad whacky as to what gets done. Imagine random A.D.D efforts. But there is a method to my madness. Certain parts and services are done able to happen because back ordered stuff and peoples schedules, so I fit in stuff as I can do it, and it helps the design painting concept proceed.

Pipe Wrenches, or a touch of red?

Of course I needed to see the tools on the wall to get an idea of what had been done so far. It’s a layered look, each stage is scary because it depends on the next layer to complete. but at the stage you are at, feels off. It’s color theory at work. Looks too red or yellow? Don’t mix it down, add black tools, The eye does the rest.

The Screwdriver holder is from some scrap mahogany, and the C Clamp holder is a old weathered Hand rail.

And of course, the designer in me can’t help myself. I have to design it out instead of the random over time thing. Which only time can design. And that is the plan. Hence the layer look. Right now it’s a bit over art directed, but time will add the chaos and randomness it needs. As Jimmy said, well that won’t last long! I designed that into it!

It’s like the entire railway is a n artists pallet of stuff to use as textures, color and light. AHHHHHHH! If I think something is needed I just walk out and look. It finds me.

These huge C Clamps where in this room. Beautiful and bent, and in need of cleaning. Or just use as a wall art thing. I call, this SEE CLAMPS IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT

Iron and Wood! In Harmony

Oh and happy first day of Spring!

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25 Responses to “Well, That Escalated Quickly.”
  1. Troy in ANE

    Again a fascinating peek into the brain of an artist: A tool board based on color theory. To the mechanic/carpenter the tool board wants to be organized for ease of use with the most commonly used tools in the most convenient location not based on yellows, reds, and blacks.

    Wait now I am turning the tool board into a phycological review.

    I think I just need to go back to Hot Sexy Babes.

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    Well the leader of the wooden boat universe has done it again. Makes my old tool collection look pretty wimpy!
    There may be a shameless plug in there if you look close.

  3. Syd

    And I see it as great old tools ready and waiting for the next project that they are needed for. My tool boxes are loaded with old useful tool and sometimes I find they are the only ones that can get the job done. I have a special drawer set aside for my really old ones as a little museum drawer. The only problem is it has several layers in it now. Funny how they keep showing up.

    • Jerome

      I see that you have one of those adjustable wrench’s with the wooden handle. I’m amazed at how well they survived all the years of hard work.

  4. Ray DeCesare

    I have something you could use them on !
    Cliff Craft from Gaonoque cedar strip runabout. You can have it for free. Sitting in yard has caused bottom rot so it needs total restoration. 570-656-3420

  5. Syd

    I took a picture of the museum drawer Once I get the house in order maybe I can do something with it but at least for now I know where they are

      • Troy in ANE

        Looking close I think it is a plumb Bob.

        At first I thought it was a hand drill like this one.

  6. Syd

    Why did I just look at that picture and “where’s Waldo” just flashed in my mind

  7. Mike D

    Matt when you run out of boating subjects to blog you can bring up the issue of which way electric plugs should be installed in electric boxes. In general I don’t think it makes much difference, but considering how you have thin metal tools hanging around that wall box you might want to take the time to turn the plugs over to put the grounding prong on the top. Just incase.

  8. Art

    OK Bob, I think that I’m going plum crazy………………I didn’t realize that the plum and the red handle were attached.

  9. Troy in ANE

    I came across this cool little adjustable the other day. Don’t know what I will ever do with it.

    Matt if you would like it to hang on your art wall send me a text and I will send it to you.

    • Greg Lewandowski

      Troy, I have a bigger one just like it, but it stays in my tool box. Used it several times on large nuts. It does a great job!

  10. Syd

    The red handle is for sounding fuel tanks. It’s a steel tape with the brass end and even that is marked off in inches. When I was on the 378’ USCGC Dalla we had to use them to check the levels of all the tanks. No electronic gauges. And when we were taking on fuel it was constant readings. I found this on at a garage sale and the memories came back to me I had to get it

  11. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    A nice tool wall is not only cool but functional. Looking good Matt. I know I have posted this before but It brings me pleasure and is sometimes useful.

  12. John F Rothert

    Troy’s wrench is all the cooler since it is likely from B & O railroad.
    Matt: nice use of the old marine handrail for the clamp rack.

    John in Va.

  13. John F Rothert

    or so on second look, maybe that is B & C…..ok, Baltimore and Carolina…let’s make up a railroad.

    I have the same style curved wrench in two sizes.

    Small one says: Buffalo N.H. USA and 10 Inch-no80 on one side.
    and WESTCOTT – the keystone MFGCO on the other.
    Ancient tools are the best.
    John in VA

  14. Berlin Büro

    I must protest!! Woodyboater is becoming too much about the old tools who sit around, gather dust, post about other tools, and most importantly, never call their children! Wait what!?! What about the partially reconstructed boats, unruly puppies, and hot babes?!