The game is started and some hard core crap went down. $40K in two minutes. OUCH, stay tuned here for the BS and ship talk afterwords. Here is the bid history as of 3:42, And then 2 seconds before the end, a 49,100 slam bid! HOLY COW. High drama as promised and it all started around 330 until the last second


SOLD $49,100

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20 Responses to “HOLY CRAP! SOLD $49K WHAT THE? WOW”
  1. Johnny V./John Vyverberg

    Guess somebody wanted it real bad! Looks like there is still a market for these things. Or we’ll see it relisted…………….

  2. Troy in ANE

    Wait — Why is your bid list showing a different winner than the one I am seeing? Even has the same price as the winner.

    • Troy in ANE

      It is the same now. Are my eyes playing games on me, or did something change in the stroy?

    • Larry Forget

      WOW, way over my $20 K guess.. Hope there is a Chattanooga connection.. We live here. Some people know of the prior factory here.

  3. Matt

    To whom ever bought it. CONGRATS! This is a great move for our passion. Far more than a boat, but hope!

  4. MikeS

    I will gladly sell my completed replica for the amount of the losing bid. Just add water!

  5. Bill

    whats 40,000 the government prints that in a fraction of a second at least whoever bought it will have something. when they get done printing our money wont be worth anything.

  6. Jeff Funk

    I laughed out loud when I saw the final bid. Good for the seller, hope the buyer knows what he’s doing. You want what you want.

  7. Old Salt

    Was there a gold bar not advertised hidden in the boat?
    Congrats to the bidder and the seller!

  8. Just another enthusiast

    A few days ago…

    Matt, “So? I ask, does owning and showing a classic wood boat make us earn the title “Conspicuous consumption”?”

    It might, when someone plops down more than what many earn in a year….for some rotten lumber.

    • Bob Schoepe

      Hey Matt. Don’t take the bait. Most get it that we’re having fun and also like old stuff.

    • Long Time Wooden Boat Owner

      I agree with your feeling. I don’t see how this helps the hobby at all, it just makes us look stupid. Too many people with way too much money to burn.

  9. Murdock

    I would believe that most of us would identify as “old and antique”…….and damn proud, pleased and blessed we made it this far.
    Now for the new owner, the fun begins!
    Rock on.

  10. JDub

    Just curious what it might cost to restore this boat with correct engine, parts, etc. ie all in cost finished given the audition price.

  11. Muddy Paws @ SML

    Congratulations to the new owner ! I hope they keep the boating community updated on their plans and progress. Certainly would be some more Great future stories.
    Long time Listener, First time Caller.

  12. Tommyholm

    Consiptulous consumption for sure. It’s going to look good in my barn.

  13. Greg Seibold

    Congratulations to the buyer and seller! What’s a Bitcoin here and there…
    1 Bitcoin equals
    55,386.50 United States Dollar