Bruce the seller feller delivering mid way

It’s a Dinghy! For Sweet Pea. Okay, okay, okay. HEY! SHUT UP,  you write this dribble every day. Mmmm? So sit down and let me brag on my dinghy. Okay, wait, let me rephrase that. Oh, forget it, it is what it is. So what is she? Well, she was built on Kent Island MD, the shape was formed from another dingy that everyone loved and so this was made. About the same time that Sweet Pea was made, here on the Bay. So conceptually she is a perfect fit.

Just slid it onto the other trailer

Wayne helping get ready –  Wait, where have I seen this before?

Oh! ya, thats right. On my windshield.. Move along.. private moment.

She has amazing lines, and Bruce did a great job

Thank god we brought the F250.

She came with a very fun Seagull outboard. Works great. looks great, sounds like, well..

The seller, BTW one heck of a nice fella! Fixed her up. And added a very cool Seagull engine and sail! AND, the cradle she will sit on. Perfect. Now she will get a cover, and the hardest part.. A name. I have several in mind, but very open to others. Here are some of my faves. REMEMBER SHE WILL BE ON SWEET PEA.






lil PP



Thats about all I have. I will paint her the same white as Sweet Pea, and she will have a tan canvas top.

He was a tad board, bored?

A good pal to have along. Oh and Wayne.

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56 Responses to “Mystery Date Road Trip – A Lil Sumth’n Sumth’n”
  1. Jeff @ Indian Lake

    P•Nut Brain
    NoPissin Around
    Pea Pod (my favorite)

  2. Jeff @ Indian Lake

    Pea Wee
    Pea Shooter
    Little Peaker

    Just throwing sheet out there to see if it sticks on the wall….

  3. Jeff @ Indian Lake

    Pea KaBoo
    Pea Diddly
    Sweet PeaTato
    Pea Pea E

    Okay, Okay……just tell me to stop

  4. mahoganymadness

    BTW where did you go on a RAOD trip to? check your header…just thought I’d be the first to beat you up this morning!!

  5. Greg W

    Jeep, as in “Eugene the”. Or just Eugene.
    You youngsters will have to look it up.

  6. Mark

    Just for the record representing Boston pissa has an h on the end.

    Wicked Pissah is even bettah.

  7. WoodyGal

    Very cool dingy with appropriate history. Good job Matt.

    Pea Pea
    Pea Pod
    Pea Wee

  8. Kelly Wittenauer

    Pea Nut
    Pea Pod

    Nice lines – that will look great on Sweet Pea.

  9. Old Salt

    Unforeseen Circumstance (insert a picture of a rock between the two words)

  10. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Your first two pictures remind me of when I sold a 40 horse Johnson. We backed our trucks up to each other right in a Wendys parking lot. carried the motor and tank over to his truck. He paid me, and we stood in the bed of his truck for another 20 min talking about boats and motors.

  11. Mahogany mafia

    The thing behind the cab of your truck is called a truck bed its made for putting things in you purchase from time to time. Just sayin
    Mini pea

    • floyd r turbo

      I was thinking the same thing. Throw a couple of 2×6’s across the bed and lift the dink on there and lash it down. Saves hauling that trailer around and bouncing the dink around down the road.

  12. Steve Anderson from Michigan

    I was going to suggest Pea Brain but was beaten to the punch.

    Sweet Pea could be paired with Salty Pea…

    Great looking boat and I love the Seagull!

  13. Greg Rice

    How about Pea Wee?
    Looking closely at the interior, it looks like she is made of…dare I say it?…fiberglass!

  14. Sleepless in Seattle

    ‘Cause mama says they go together like peas ‘an carrots.

  15. John F Rothert

    don’t care what you name it…really cool dink!

    Now you need to get the mast rigged to haul her aboard and all that….good project.

    John in Va.

  16. John Peckham

    If you use pys, it just reinforces people’s belief that you can’t spell🤣🤣

  17. Dick Dow

    Dinki Pea, Pea Dink… Cute dinghy, looks a lot like the ones Skagit built out here in the 50’s.

    Now you need to listen to “The Cutest Little Dinghy in the Navy” sea shanty. Every boat needs a theme song… 😉

  18. jfkarlson

    Thumbs up for mahoganymadness’ “Wee Pea” suggestion.

  19. thomas d

    that nice little seagull would be worth the drive, by ”added in” do you mean free?

  20. Denis D

    Sue’s Pea

    You have to get her name in there somewhere!

  21. Jimmy

    How about Rescue Pea…or Sweet Pea’s Life Raft…or P Safe…
    0r Sugar Pea…or …ok I’ll quit… nice life raft, er dingy… That puppy is adorable!!

  22. rob jones

    I’m leaning toward “WoodyGal’s” suggestion of Pea Wee.

  23. gary R. visser

    I think she looks like she’s a knock-off of a Dyer Dow dingy, they could be rowed, sailed (with a kit) or weighed down in the stern with a British SeaGull motor between working on the SeaGull. Kinda tippy but classic lines, perfect for the Sweet Pea.
    One beer limit if you’re thinking of stepping into it from transom or dingy docks.