Naming The Dink, That Was Fun. WE HAVE A WINNER!

Don’t you all have any better things to do? 55 comments on a Saturday, naming a dinghy for SWEET PEA. It had me belly whacking all day. Some were inspired, okay all were great. I mean that, I … Read more

11 Comments on “Naming The Dink, That Was Fun. WE HAVE A WINNER!

  1. You forgot to put the engine on! With no oars, you are going to want the engine. Also, paint the name so you can read it when the Seagull is mounted.

    P.s brightwork trim looks great!

  2. Matt,
    And the winner receives an all-expense paid tour of the marina/boats when finished?….thanking you in advance

  3. Luv me some wieners stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon over the fire……

  4. looks PERFECT up there…get oars…red tipped, red handled.

    News flash: River Rat got up before Lewandowski today!!!

    Ha, Greg slept in,,,

    John in Va

  5. That sounds better than Wee Pea. Now, do you stack that name on one side of the transom or space it across the width of the transom?

  6. Love the name and it will look great on Sweet Pea, unfortunately it does conjure up one unfortunate image.

    I vote across the width of the transom.