A Boat In Da House!

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day. Lots of plates to keep spinning. I am not complaining, I love all of it. Between work, Zoom Calls and getting boats ready for the summer, I crash around 8:30 pm. “You look like a 100 year old man” The Boatress. “I feel like a 100 year old man, but still think like a 15 year old” Me. So today, lips and snouts of Railway Updates.

Mr B and his Crab Pot fence.

The office is on hold for the electrician. And gotta get boats going

We have the print, thanks to Wayne who found it in a local gallery.

The little Toyota is perfect for the railway and backing in boats. Small boats. Still waiting on the concrete to show up.

The boats are starting to get in the shop. Yip Yap is getting a two coat refresh and back to Chesapeake Green bottom paint.

And of course a mid day boat ride with Mr B. His first fast boat ride. He was not happy. But gotta start someplace. Photo Wray Sinclair

We had a fast moving storm whip through here. Yikes. But a perfect sky for a header photo. PEA WEE is getting a new cradle.

We have some stories in the works. Keels and Wheels from a Judges perspective, some help needed on an XK, and Boat Show thoughts. Now if you will excuse me, I need to get back to work.

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11 Responses to “Railway Sausage Updates”
  1. C Stang

    I love that the print has the infamous leaning power pole.

  2. Matt

    I know, it’s made me rethink the pole. That dam pole is part of the story. HA

  3. Steve Anderson from Michigan

    What boat was the ‘fast boat ride’ in? Looks like an older Boston whaler? Yip Yap is looking much better since the last time I saw her.

    You sure get a lot done between zoom calls!

  4. Paul H.

    The office looks great, although it continues to lack a certain item of functional, industrial furniture……

  5. David Clyne

    Had my morning coffee on Sweet Pea this morning, vicariously of course. (Cool and damp on the Ottawa River, so why not ?)

  6. John F Rothert

    rogue tornado tore up Lewisetta Va….not all that far at all from the railway. Winds: 115 MPH……one house totally leveled.


    Going to paint the cockpit top today…

    John in Va.

  7. Frank@Falmouth

    A front receiver hitch on the Toyota would make moving boats around tight spaces easier and more precise . Best thing I did for my Yard Tug.

  8. Dick Dow

    Looking great! As for that 100 year-old comment, a friend recently posted: “I still think like I’m 29, act like I’m 12, but my body keeps asking how come I’m still alive…” It’s all good! 🙂

  9. Mark

    Sucks to get old.

    When my kids ask me to help with projects now I give them a time limit “you got me for four hours”.

    No more marathon sessions and not being able to walk the next day.

  10. robj

    I used to have a little Toyota truck when I seemed to do a fair amount of “backing”. Smartest thing I ever did was bolt a bracket to the bumper and put a hitch on the front.