looook, she is smiling.. Awwwwwww!

No… I didn’t hire Billy Idol to build the cradle for Pea Wee. And yes I will post the video at the end of the story. So that ear worm will now be in your head all day. Sorry.. Today, The Pea Wee and Sweet Pea mash up is complete. My son and I built a new cradle out of Mahogany and Juniper, it weighs about half as much as the older one made from pressure treated wood.

Color matched

We also made is shorter so Pea Wee could sit a tad more aft.

Like peas and corn!

And of course we had to add a little bling to her carpeted bunks. Copper nails and some blue carpet from one of the floor mats from our deck at home… Shhhhhhhhhh, she may not notice..

Fresh paint, rub rails all polished up. new Teak oil on the swim platform..

Says it all

Soon the docks will be full of Woody goodness

One more

That’s the Iris Marie over at George’s crib!

Slow ride! ..wait, sorry wrong song! Hit it Billy!

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17 Responses to “Cradle Of Pea Wee Love?”
  1. Reddog

    Definitely one THEE BEST videos from Billy Idol……………. Oh yeah, the boats looks very nice too

  2. Chug-A-Lug

    I like your ships wheel better than mine! Mine has a spinner knob tho.

  3. John F Rothert

    Looking shape…Go Boating….we may cruise up your way…

    John in Va

  4. Craig A. McIntosh

    we need to find you a cool teak table and chairs for the aft deck – would look neat. ditch the aluminum patio set.
    i don’t know where you get the time/energy to accomplish all you do, but it’s certainly impressive; good for you. cheers!

    • Matt

      For sure Craig, I have been an eye open for the right one ..at the right price. They seem to be either cheap ass piles of crap, or through the roof insane priced. And such is life I suppose

  5. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Wow! Is the only thing I can say Matt. Troy is in your head. That was really cool, and your boat cradle looks good also. It will be interesting to see haw much “discussion ” The girl down the hall will bring.
    Go Boating this weekend.

  6. m-fine

    Pea Wee’s cradle looks great, but I think the guy in the video is a Wee bit uptight.

  7. Murdock

    Dear MTV,
    Thank you for four great years of music………..

    Matt, sure love two peas in a pod!!!!