Cool!, Unless its 90 out.. Then.. well..

If you need to get a pair of coveralls so you can totally encapule yourself into the moment while working on your boat. Well, this may be your ticket to time travel into a total zone of zen working on your Chris Craft. Heck, they even have the original zipper, and well, thats total emersion. Immersion? No really google all three.. WTF! Its the Shaun, sean, shawn of words. Who the hell thinks of this voodoo magic. Wait, where was I?


mmmm, work on boat… the time moment? Oh yeah, Coveralls. Vintage ones. Ugh, it’s Friday and its supposed to rain tomorrow so I am getting out there today. Zoom calls while going 30 mph is good? Right? Right?

What happened to the guy, he was just there, and then poof disapeared.


Vintage clothing people will know what this label means

BTW, seller claims.. NO SMELL! Just sayn

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15 Responses to “Chris Craft Coveralls On Ebay.”
  1. Stenz Lake Minnetonka

    You convinced me to check out the sticker shock. Wait…..What?!?!?
    I guess construction materials aren’t the only thing going up!

    • Greg Lewandowski

      We have a balmy 42 with wind and rain in Michigan this morning. No boating today.

  2. Tom Gruenauer

    If guys can wear overalls and train hats when driving model trains I can wear coveralls with my shop logo when working on my boat. Plus I got tired of my wife complaining about mahogany dust on the furniture. It’s all part of the “lifestyle”.

    • Mahogany mafia

      Story idea toms boat what year and model is it

  3. Chug-A-Lug

    Had frost on the windows and shop roof this morn.Lake is like glass.Are those overalls insulated?

  4. Rivaguru

    Wow! Suddenly the Riva coveralls issued to me while working at the Shipyard in 1990 seem a bit more valuable…..!?

  5. Chad

    You could just buy an old pair of coveralls and a vintage CC patch and make them for a fraction of the auction price.
    Just saying.

    Where is Yacht Harbor?

  6. Bilge Rat

    Compared to this item, I think Low Timers is way undercharging.

  7. Mark in Ohio ( sometimes da U P)

    If you’re going to pay that much for coveralls you may as well get the whole package 😃

  8. Greg W

    Not suggesting that anyone would attempt to enhance a genuine vintage item on ebay for heavens sake. I do, however, find it interesting how crisp the logo and embroidery appear (On my tired old laptop) compared to the miserable condition of the garment. Kinda reminds me of the genuine 1940’s Pam clock ( and it was) offered as a genuine Chris Craft factory clock (from the 1940’s). Only problem was the very nice Chris-Craft Script on the face was accompanied by an image of a 1958 Century Coronado.