That’s MY boy!

Today I clean out the shots over the past couple weeks of unconnected stories that never made a full story. Lots of small moments of joy and craziness here in Woodyboaterville. The Railway is coming back to life after I trashed it and tore up and out stuff. Enjoy! I have!

Summer sunsets! AHHHHHHHH

The LOVE sign is now in the parking area.

A wonderful gift from Blaine, off his fathers ship! This will make an amazing addition to one of the buildings

Before the LOVE sign, the parking lot is full

Lee and Frank enjoying a good laugh.. LOTS of laughter here.

The IRIS MARIE is here for a little cleaning. This is a Butler Built boat back in around 2002

Here is a shot of her when built

Large pallet fire next door!

Pouring the concrete

More pour and Sweet Pea

Shot two days ago. New gravel, and getting the dirt raked.

Lights on. Found the wires!

THAYER IV now on the wall. A better feel

Above the door. Fits perfectly. The wood is a temp walkway. 

Thats it, I am full. Have a nice day. OH WAIT.. T SHIRT IDEAS!

Shirt ideas! I am def doing this one!

Would anyone even want this one?

A collection of Varnish Brand T’s? Anyone?



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15 Responses to “Global HQ Sausage”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Nice shots, but the Iris Marie made my morning. What beautiful lines!

  2. Bilge Rat

    I’d purchase a Reedville Marine Railway shirt, providing its not on eBay for $650.

  3. Matt

    This is another shot of the IRIS MARIE, and another Butler Round Stern. And WECATCHEM

  4. John F Rothert

    Reedville has come a long way since the ugly oil tanks were next door! In that shot there is a cool big deck boat on the railway too!

    John in Va.

    • Matt

      Yup, and the Elva C is headed this way in a couple weeks for some stuff. That will be a cool sight.

  5. Grant Sinclair

    Love the pics, as always. Here is a shot of my Beloved Lake Ouachita, near Hot Springs Ar.
    When you dam up a mountain range it makes for a very interesting lake.
    700 miles of shoreline.
    Over 200 Islands.
    200 ft. deep!

    • Walter Spence

      As one of three new owners of the Iris Marie, now named the Ann-E, I spent five years in Arkadelphia, AR and spent many a day on Lake DeGray and Lake Ouachita. Though beautiful, gimme that sweet Chesapeake salt water. Come this way and we’ll take you for a spin.

  6. Frank@Falmouth

    Will the T-Shirts also have WoodyBoater Branding? on front?
    Im in for a couple RMR shirts and the Dont Give of the Ship!

    I may not have looked closely enough, but is there a proper flag pole at RMR?

  7. Tuobanur

    You surely have created something special.
    Did someone say donut???

  8. Jimmy

    Very nicely done Matt!! Definitely in for some T-shirts….

  9. Dick Dow

    Interesting panel hanging above the workbench – what’s it out of? The railway is looking great! 👍🏻