Ron Stevensons 12 inch lights donated to the railway are up.

First, I hope I spelled electrifying right? It’s just an “r” away from being so more than a typo. ELECTRICFrYING…..Wow, a typo joke… Anyway, after waiting for months for an electrician to show up, Suzy2’s father Martin is here for a short vacation to see his daughter, and well, turns out he can do this stuff to code, and dang, what a huge gift. Going through all the wiring, the lights and helping rebuild some of the vintage stuff to keep some of the Railways texture alive.

All re wired in cool new stuff.

Wonderful setting and texture

We rebuilt the small porcelain fixtures and added some large edison bulbs and cage. The wood its on, is new old stock and stained to match the other wood.

The NOS 18 inch Benjamen lights are rebuilt and up, we also added a layer of LED lights in the rafters to open it up, and focused two LED lights up towards the ceiling to expose the roof line, which is a wonderful feeling

Here is a short video twirl of the shop now


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Of course the downside of all this new light, is it shows off the dust. A century of fine dust. Good god! Cleaning rafters and dusting ceilings and wires is a job in 95 heat. But its always nice when the family shows up to enjoy the breeze and time together.

Its like a beach here.

And then a slow ride home with Mr B.


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11 Responses to “Electrifying Railway Update”
  1. Syd

    Looking great but what’s that real stinky smell in the shop. Lol

  2. m-fine

    Leaf blower make for great dusting tools when your wife isn’t around. That will also give you a good use for leftover COVID masks as you will definitely want to be wearing one!

    • floyd r turbo

      You can use it to cool your chili or a really hot pizza too. No more burned roof of your mouth. Probably shouldn’t do it on a thin crust pie or it will end up as a wall decoration on the other side of the table.

  3. Rabbit

    Very detail is perfect, Matt. We have a small vintage cabin in Wisconsin and I use many of the same tricks to make sure that “improvements” look like they’re from 1939. Also, “Dean Martin’s Greatest Hits” is my go-to track while making Swedish Pancakes and Nueskes bacon every Saturday morning.

  4. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Its coming along nicely Matt. Thats quite a Boat shop you have there! the video made me think. Don’t know weather I want to dance, or fire up those woodwoking machines. All you need now is a gas can wood steamer.

  5. RiverRat

    Bless the relatives, I have not see most of mine in two years. Looking forward to The River.

  6. Ron in Seattle

    Hey, anything I can do to help light up a fellow WoodyBoater’s life, and get rid of “stuff” sitting
    around too long!
    ACBS – PNW headed to Spencer Lake for a MeetUP! today, boat rides and BBQ!

  7. John F Rothert

    I am with the suggestion of the leaf blower…just add some big exhaust fans.

    Just back from changing the oil on the boat…didn’t spill a drop.

    Going Boating….

    J0hn in Va

  8. Matt

    I use a leaf blower dail. Helps keep the dust crap down. But at some point you are just blowing ship into the air.

  9. Wolfgang

    I sure am glad you have been blessed with the abilities and opportunities to do such a wonderful job with the railway and buildings. I really enjoy seeing your progress. I grew up visiting many different boat works and have always felt something nice about seeing them. Just an update for those of you out there that may want to attend the Presque Isle Harbor boat show. It’s a go for June 18th and 19th. Bring your models if you come.