“First53Resorters” Hunter from yesterday’s comment section.

As we all are slowly starting to get back to a new normal, the concept of going out for a boat ride for an hr in the middle of the week is getting to be a rare thing. After all, many of us still are working, and not retired. Commutes, and time committed to meetings are creeping back into our lives. In a very VERY odd way, working from home, and the entire lockdown thing had a positive side to it. Time with family, and during down time off zoom calls. Little breaks.

Mag, posing in NY in one cool large family boat. To me, this is the perfect photo to describe why we go out. Chasing this dream of a warm summer day with mom, and dad. PBJ, and Bologna sandwiches. A thermos of water, and a baggy with some chips. just close your eyes and smell the fuel, oil mixture, and water clapping on the hull. AHHHHH, I can still smell the interior of this station wagon when you come back. And sleep all the way home in the back.

For the record, I consider myself blessed to be able to even do this. So many have jobs that depended on being there, the entire medical community has had the pressure on them. To have a job where I can sit on a computer and work, is a gift. So no complaints.

Bob Kays Grandfather in his 1956? Fleetcraft. Mahogany decks and pink or coral fiberglass hull. Hi did not want to deal with a wood bottom so he thought he would try this new fiberglass. I don’t remember the boat, though we do have a photo of me in the boat. I wonder if anyone in WoodyBoaterville knows of a model of this boat still out there.

Black Label Beer babe is what it’s all about. GET OUT THERE!

Its about the memories!

Memories on the lake

I swear, as I age, time just races. Hell, before we know it, it will be July 4th and the summer will be headed to fall. I know, a little dramatic, but blink and its over. So, get out there. For yourself, and for the winter memories, and just because you can.


WAIT? WHAT? Maybe dont go out there. Stay inside and watch Friends reruns all day. Turns out this happened in Austin yesterday. A rental boat with an electric motor that did not have enough power to pull away from the dam edge.


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17 Responses to “It’s Saturday, You Better Get Out There While You Can.”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Overcast and foggy in Michigan this morning. Have to wait for the weather to clear.
    Love the picture of the guy with the stringer of fish and leather soled shoes on the rear deck of the CC Custom. Doesn’t he know what a valuable boat he has there!

    • Dave Doner

      He gets it. Good for him and maybe the kids he had with him!

  2. First53Resorter

    “Life is like a phonograph record. The closer you get to the end, the faster the needle goes!”

  3. Rabbit

    No time passes faster than those weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Savor every day.

  4. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Loved the 59 Ford wagon pulling the boat. We had a 59 Ford wagon, and pulled our boat with it. I wish that I had a picture of that rig. I’ll bet the boat with the 2 ladies in it really cooked with that v4 50hp Evinrude on it. Get Out There!

  5. Scott K.

    No boating today…..sanding a SeaBirD.

    Well, the XK runs so maybe boating later.

  6. John F Rothert

    grey and rainy today…Going Boating….maybe…tomorrow…for sure….

    John in VA

  7. Dennis Mykols

    Sad to say, but I know the people that own the Electric boat rentals in Austin. They are based here in West Michigan with small rental fleets in a couple of other cities…
    Could have been much worst. I would love to know the back story on how this could happen.

  8. Dennis Mykols

    Let’s get out there, but you better hurry, the boat ramp is getting FULL!!!

  9. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Cool Dennis! Now you would call that a classic car and boat show. I wonder if that is the same 59 Ford wagpn in the cener of the picture that was pictured earlier? Makes you think how many of those boats and cars are still around.

  10. Andy C

    Got my 1st ride in my cc sportsman this morning. Great feeling to be back on the water….now going back to the seemingly endless task of sanding,scraping and painting my cc connie (hopefully gets in the water by next weekend)

    • richard garrison

      Andy, this is the first time I have noticed a Connie owner responding since following WB. So what year is yours? Mine is a 1968, 30 ft. & as I understand it is last production year of the Constellation. Would love to visit further…..

  11. Denis D

    That boat stuck at the dam appears to be part of a really cool fleet of restored classic glass from the 50s and 60s that have been converted to electric. According to their website, that boat is a 1958 Glass Magic Playmaster.

  12. Murdock

    Patiently waiting for the evening cruise up north in Ponshewaing, Crooked Lake, MI