Protype Cobra almost ready for this weekend on Lake Hopatcong

It’s happening. Now for sure we are getting back to a normalish thing here. Katz’s Marina stories. After a year of dog and railway stories, and anything I could talk about that’s within my 6ft was fair game, and you all have been so patient and fun to share it all. Except Horice. Okay, maybe even Horice who kept us feeling alive.

A flawless 1949 Deluxe runabout.

I have my fingers crossed that many of you that go to your local shows share the love. We need it, and never have our standards been so low, dock shots, photos of all of us with the extra Covid 20lbs, chins, but cracks, being towed in.. OH being towed in.. Paaaaaleeeease!

Proto’s engine. READY


Varnish lust

She be smil’n! I be smil’n, we all be smil’n!

And yes, Katz’s marina stories. A huge thanks to the Katzs Gang for sharing. Are you prepping?

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13 Responses to “Boat Show Prep At Katz’s Marina”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Looks like Katz jazzed up that Deluxe with a new steering wheel. I have never seen that wheel on that model boat but it looks good.

  2. Ole Olson's boat scratching service

    Getting ready for those first scratches.Gotta be comfy first.(sure glad my names not horice)

  3. John F Rothert

    wow cobra is neat but the wonderful Lovett Bilge Pump is the show stopper for me. Those were the BEST…killed off by foreign el cheapo knock off etc. I still have a couple…none of the six volts around.


    John in Va

  4. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Looking at those pictures, I could smell the varnish.

    • Maynard stringer

      Could you be mr Clymer of Hessel? Maynard asking.

  5. Allen

    The 49 was delivered new with that wheel not jazzed up, re finished in house.

  6. RH in NY

    I’m hoping to head to Hopatcong for the show. I’ll represent with my SOV T.

  7. floyd r turbo

    Wow, they are just perfect. I’m waiting for the natural patina craze that’s sweeping collector cars to hit the boating scene so I can dust mine off and “come out of the closet”. If you don’t have a boat ready, we can deliver a CC to you tonight and be ready for the show. Just contact Mark or Andy at Antique Boat America and we detour the delivery to their shop and deliver right to the show.

  8. Duster

    What a relief to see back inside the Katz workshop. The finish on those boats is A-mazing! Enjoy the sun and varnish. Cold and wet down here in NZ.

  9. Art

    Matt thanks for putting a jinx on the FIRST in the water event of the MI chapter this noncovid summer. We had about 8 boats for a cruise from Algonac to Browns restaurant on Harsen’s Island. All was going well for the first nautical mile until one of the boats was spueing (help matt sp?) lots of smoke. It turns out that he forgot to turn the intake water valve and fried the water pump.
    Now for the rest of the story………………… The boat in question is a 24 ft. CC Deluxe utility, BUT NOT Molly-O. It actually is a sister ship to Molly-O and it is the first time that they have seen each other since the CC birthing room. Well guess who towed her in, yep Molly-O as any big sister would do.
    I have pictures, but am to computer illiterate to post them.

    • Greg Lewandowski

      Here’s a photo of Art and Molly-O during the sea rescue.

  10. Patrick LW

    Kinda surprised then went with only a KLC (?) and stayed 6v she’s only gonna do 35 mph….