Cue the Jaws Music

Longtime fellow Woody Boater “Fredster” reported in from Montana, now I am not sure what sort of oxygen deprivation is going on here. But something is starting to emerge from the mountains of Montana. Hide your womens! Just sayn. Here is the report while we wait on Kent and Bob to report in from this past weekend of shows.


A blue & gray hulk has been seen peeping out of its cave when the sun is high over head!




Nice Aft!

Like the Iron Giant, bits & pieces are gravitating towards the center of Montana. Coming out of hibernation since 1956 , the waterborne beast is beginning to claw & slither it’s way to any body of water. Eventually migrating back to her north woods home and to debut her uniqueness on a French body of water at a international gathering!

Flawless wood graining – this is not easy.

Well, slap my bung and call me Shirley? WOW!

God is in the details. And buffing wheel

Nice Bilge.


mmmmm like Grey and Blue Butta!

OH SHIP! is that an orange hook? Look at that orange hook!

This was heard from a guy who heard it from a BLM agent who was talking to a park ranger near Jellystone Park. It was very blurry 🧐 .


Believe it or not! , Bigfoot is real!!!

The Fredster

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14 Responses to “Meanwhile In Montana, It’s Getting A Tad Strange.”
    • Mercstun Howell

      Great story on my birthday ! That is gonna be awesome.

  1. Don Palmer

    Can someone advise me as to what motor that is?

  2. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Woody Boater is in my head now more than normal. After yesterday the song “Moonlite Bay” was stuck in my head. Now its “Meet me in Montana”. Please do not do a story on Purple boats tomarrow. Nice restoration Fredster.

  3. Philip Andrew

    Gorgeous stain job! Another Blue Grey coming back. Awesome boats.

  4. Chug-A-Lug

    Saw that header just now.Thought the “Tommyknockers” were back.Wait a minute;They were yellow.