Captain Ruby needs your click!

Here we go again, a voting thing. This time its for the dogs and classic boat thing though, so its a worthy cause. And there is a small window, so vote today if possible. There will be a link at the bottom of the page. Prop Talk Magazine is a great Chesapeake Bay publication and is having a Dog Cover contest.

Scroll through the other images and find Ruby.

The winner. By votes gets on the cover. I submitted a bunch, but one seems to cover it all and if we wonder around and spread out the votes it wont work, Others have engaged there social media reach so I am late on this. Voting started yesterday, and ends July 5th. MONDAY. So. The image you see, is the image I think has a great chance to show a Classic Boat, and dog. Ya ya, there are others, but this is about classic boat exposure. So, Once again, Here is the image to vote for PLEASE.


Hopefully we will make a great cover!


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23 Responses to “We Need Your VOAT To Get Us All On The Cover!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    OK, I think I voted, but how goes Mr. B feel about this?

  2. Matt

    SHHHHHH! Jesus. Keep it down. Mr B is very sensitive, and well. Will piss all over this.

  3. Troy in ANE

    OK, I voted as you requested, but I think “Murphy likes to dive” would have made a far better cover.

    • Troy in ANE

      I also think you are going to lose Staib’s vote to this one.

      • Jim Staib

        Funny thing Jaxon hated water. Would not step in a puddle. Took a new job sitting a Husky. Helps the hurt.

  4. Troy in ANE

    OH Boy!

    Voting is 87 – 14 right now.

    You are going to have to pull a Tom Brady to save this one.

    Sorry Floyd!

    • floyd r turbo

      Being from Maine but living in exile in Atlanta, my 2 favorite teams, how could I loose. Its like trying to decide between these 2.

  5. Steve Anderson from Michigan

    You should have cropped it like the proto cover you showed. Great photo, though! I voted, and hope it helps.

  6. John F Rothert

    I voted…but what a neat boat that Jaxon look alike is standing on? Who has that I wonder?

    John in Va.

  7. Susan Hoien

    Long legged Remy balancing in our 1948 Chris Craft runabout

  8. Tim Robinson

    Lost our little girl (dog) last Sunday night while staying in hotel on our way up to our summer house in Port Ludlow, Wa. Very peaceful lying at the foot of our bed. RIP Chloe.

    • Ron in Seattle

      Tim, Sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved pet. Welcome back!

      • Howard Lehman

        Tim, We’re so sorry to hear of your loss. Our furry companions are such a comfort and joy to us, losing them is crushing. Chloe is now running and playing with others at the Rainbow Bridge. I’m sure she will see some of our family’s beloved furry angels there. RIP Chloe.

  9. floyd r turbo

    You’re up to 37 and I keep signing in with different email accounts I have but it won’t take my vote based on viewing your vote count tally.

  10. Dick Dow

    Done – #56. Tim, I echo Ron’s comment and hope to see you on the water this summer – will be in touch. RIP Chloe.