Any ideas in here?

I have written 3 stories today and they are all duds. Either bitter, boring, or one that has no link to forward you too. UGH. I have been up since 5AM producing crap, and you know how low the bar is here. LOW.. I do have a very cool story about the largest gathering of Chris Crafts. But that one needs a little fun, and I am bitter this morning. Maybe it has to do with having to work. Using my brain instead of my back, I can tell you the brain drains you far far faster.

Mr B trying to help this morning

Each story I write is like starting an old engine that wont kick over. Hell I even let Mr B write a story.. Here is a short sample.OJ:O*NYLI&&GIUB. hlbuyBOYVIUTVUOYuibliudbfclefbcoefvb ljh blerbclefrhbvcleibvperbuycpierckdefrtgyhujkjh cfe;c;jvnivb lirhbvlirhvbilrvb.

One of my favorite comments from back in the day

Hey at least he kind a can spell. I just need to figure out the language. The comment section is wide open today. I will trust the universe and enjoy where it goes today. Oh, and I will spam your comment if you keep trying to sell your crappy boat here. SEE… Bitter..

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30 Responses to “It’s One Of Those Days In Woodyboaterville.”
  1. Don Vogt

    Bastille day for the francophiles.

    How about Celebrate Matt day. Got to give this guy credit for churning stuff out day after day,year after year. Yes sometimes corny, or curmudgeonly, mostly misspelled, but a communication focal point for the hobby. Woody boater provides a singular service in this regard.

    So here’s to Matt and his family, assorted pets, and his boats and buildings in various states of repair. Our own soap opera on the water!

  2. John N Allen

    Matt, Babe Ruth’s lifetime average was only 342.
    Keep hitting it out of the park! Your my first read every morning.

      • Dennis ryan

        Hello My friend Matt, you have posted one of the best photos ever! Jack Beatly digging in a trash can. Priceless, he went into the can after the famous Lou Rauh of the famous Antique Boat Center threw away an old ABC hat. Jack came out of the can proclaiming “I have his hat and his DNA and I am going to make a new Lou Rauh” you had to be there, Jack was very happy!

  3. John F Rothert

    you just won’t use my good stuff! I told you how to gain at least a couple of DAYS off…..claim ransomware has attached the site…swear to fight it off and pay not a cent….take naps for three days and then sign back on claiming you tracked down the hackers and it was NOT Russians….it was TROY.
    so just say wtf and get back on it.

    thanks for all you do…amazing really…
    John in Va.

  4. floyd r turbo

    Just keep piloting this ship across the bay like this captain. She could make anyone’s day brighter even if she ran aground. Happy Bastille Day, I’m reminded of how beautiful the countryside and estates of France are in spite of all the world wars taken place there via coverage of the Tour de France. What a great 3 week Chamber of Commerce ad for potential visitors to France as is Matt’s blog is to Reedville.

  5. David Hughes

    “What these critics forget is that printing presses in themselves provide no guarantee of an enlightened outcome. People, not machines, made the Renaissance. The printing that takes place in North Korea today, for instance, is nothing more than propaganda for a personality cult. What is important about printing presses is not the mechanism, but the authors.”
    Jaron Lanier, You Are Not a Gadget

    Keep printing…I’ll keep reading. 😊

  6. Mike D

    Todays header photo has to be the best one yet. You are doing a great job, even those days when you wake up before breakfast.
    Buster rocks.

  7. Bilge Rat

    “Genius doesn’t work on an assembly line basis. You can’t simply say, Today I will be Brilliant”.

    Captain James T Kirk

  8. Russ in Colorado

    I can’t even write a “weekly” blog for my business! You are our woody boat hero!

  9. BT

    We have a retired ad exc. who 20 years ago moved up north and bought the bait shop in town. His hobby is to paint while the rest of us sleep. Last night I was in a local tavern where some of his work hangs and was reminded of what a fabulous talent Tom Otteson is. See attached photos

  10. Karl Hoffman

    The Chris Craft Rendezvous is this weekend in Port Orchard Wa.
    It was limited to 30 boats this year because of Covid protocol.

  11. Chug-A-Lug

    Oh! to be a good painter some day(being color-blind sucks).Everything looks good to me but everyone else sees crap,I have to go by name on the paint can.

  12. Cliff

    Sooooo what kind of zipper goes on a 1939 24’ Chris Craft Sportsman’s factory canvass? Asking for a friend….

  13. Murdock

    Totally agree with all the positive comments here Matt.
    I know first hand how very hard it is to keep and work your “real” job every day and juggle like hell your “alternate” wooden boating passion.
    Keep it up, keep it fun, but please just keep WoodyBoater rockin’!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ron in Seattle

      Matt, in your desperation comes new ideas…see, an idea for a new t-shirt! Put a line drawing or a pix of a wood boat on there, and PRESTO!
      My first thing in the AM is a P, THEN WB. Keep it happening!

      Off to Mayfield Lake today for a PNW MeetUP! event with the Portland chapter. Going BOATING!

  14. Dick Dow

    Give yourself a break! What you provide the hobby day-in-and-out is incredible. Self-depreciating humor notwithstanding, you amaze nearly every day with interesting content, comments and perspectives. We all run up against a wall from time to time. Turn off the computer, breathe deep, pet the dog (if he’ll let you) and go for a boat ride! Thank you!

  15. Charles Crosby

    My morning routine; start the coffee, feed Augus (Golden Retriever) and multiple cats….then, with my coffee, I read your Woody Boater Blog from the Woodyboater Global HQ right there in Reedville VA….

    Breakfast for me and the Alpacs is only after I finish your efforts for the day…Sometimes you misspell a word or three…other times there is a sausage amalgam of postcards from days gone by…But, and it is a big butt…I am always amused and amazed by your efforts and comments from the peanut gallery…

    I am ready for my day….Many Thanks

    Chuck Crosby

    PS: I sold my woody about five years ago…but still read your blog

    • m-fine

      I think there are a lot of readers who haven’t had a woody in years, maybe even decades.

      • Chuck Crosby

        PS: My wife’s aunt, now passed, had a cabin on the west fork of Keauka Lake, about 4 cabins south of the Sailing Club…They had a Century Raven if memory serves…Besides the Tahoe show, the Keauka Lake ABCS show was my intro to wood boats.

  16. Ranger

    You’re job is done for the day, you made me laugh out loud. Thx Matt!

  17. Art

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    Thank You