That’s one happy chappy! Love the Cutwater look vibe thing

Try and say that three times fast? I did, got a Big Al Charley horse in my tongue. Anyway, that’s the only joke today from me, we have a ton of photos here. And its a Truscott.. This is a rare boat on its own, but in this sort of condition and all original, its like insane multiply rare. Like not twice as rare, but like need a calculator rare.

Okay, okay, Here is Big Als Truscott Find! Oh ya!

In the warehouse.

In the doghouse.. For bringing it home!

Was Mr B there?

Cool dash!

Cool Ash? Tray?

Sweet original ? Interior

Shelf inside.

Vintage Power drill. Circa Huge battery days

Inner planking? Ugh, but not the end of the world. Love the bilge color BTW


Now that is a cool baddle, and love the Bilge color on it. Cool idea to matchy matchy the colors of the bilge

I am going to guess not a factory weld


Hatch cover, and Zero Turn! Suitable for framing.

Copper Manifold. OH HELL YA

sloppy and perfect all at the same time

What a sweet boat!

On to her new live with Big Al, and the world is a better place for it. Thanks Big Al, Lil Al, and all the Al-letts for what you do!

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16 Responses to “Big Al’s Warehouse Truscott Find!”
  1. Kelly Wittenauer

    Not an ash tray, but related. Holds a pack of cigarettes & a lighter. Can’t remember where, but I’ve seen it in a boat at a show somewhere before.

    • Big Al

      And it’s 100 percent legal because of the ” Fish”!
      Odd pieces from the era where nearly everyone smoked are fun to see today!

    • Lee Wangstad

      Herter’s catalog featured that cigarette pack/lighter holder. You’ve probably seen it in one of the many Herter’s boats that are out there. They cast many aluminum parts and pieces that they offered. It doesn’t look to be factory installed here.

  2. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Its Monday morning. Everyone must still be asleep. Or mabie working. Im usually not this fa up in the comment section. Cool find Big Al! I can’t wait to see it restored.

  3. floyd r turbo

    You can see the Garwood influence as this looks almost exactly like a 19′ Garwood double cockpit. I’m not a Garwood expert but I play one on TV. Same or similar hardware, same Chrysler Marine 6 and so forth. And that’s not a bad thing. Garwood took over Truscott in 1945? and then went out of business in 1947?

  4. floyd r turbo

    Opps, it was the other way around. Garwood went out of business in 1947 and Truscott picked up building that 19′ double cockpit and then they went out of business in 1949.

  5. tom

    Cool project.Interesting construction.Like the knees joining side and bottom frames.Looks like no canvas between bottom layers?Is the “shelf” under the bow wet,or is there something shiny on it?Are they gutters holding up the rear deck?

    • Howard Lehman

      Very nice boat. The gutters are for the vents. Two vents just ahead of the engine behind the back seat face forward. Moving air comes in through those vents and forced down via gutters into the bilge. The gutters end just before the bottom, so there is space for air to move. The 2 vents on the aft deck which face aft use the gutters fastened to them to allow the bilge air to be pushed up and out through the vents. I restored an early 1947 Chris Craft 18′ Utility that had similar knees used to join bottom frames to side frames. Chris Craft used 1/4″ plywood for these with that boat. Every knee was cracked and most were rotten. This caused each side to be very flimsy, with the side and bottom planks holding the boat together. That was quite a project!!

  6. Chug-A-Lug

    Looks like that bilge could use some”wooden boat in a can”(Bondo)wonder if a layer of that blue and yellow epoxy wood work.turns green when mixed.

  7. Big Al

    Thanks for the kind words Matt.
    Howard is 100 percent right about the downspouts.
    I will add a photo of the two I have removed to make it easier to crawl around.

  8. Big Al

    Tom- the shelf area was just wet from spraying out 45,000 ” mud dauber” nests ( mud piles)

  9. Big Al

    I saw a 46 Garwood commodore at a show the other day. it was a gorgeous boat. This Truscott is seriously 97.5 percent exactly the same boat.
    Gauges ( obviously)
    Piano hinge on GW engine hatch, art deco small ones on Truscott
    The aft chrome rail has a notch for mooring lines on the GW, not on mine
    And the splash rail on the GW has a chromed ” angle iron” piece that wraps around to the rear vent.
    There might be more,I’m not an expert, but delighted I have the next best thing to a GarWood!

    • Jim G

      Truscott didn’t brother with Spiling the planking. As it was cheaper to build them that way.