I like to sleep

Thanks for all the emails, text messages this morning. I slept late. Not sure what happened, but man it felt good. I half way expected some boat show images to pop up in the email, but sadly no reports today. Just sunshine, and perfect boat weather. So guess what? I am going boating, lots of boating, like burn through some fossil fuel and speed up global warming boat rides. Sorry Greenland.. Thats the reference in the headline. Thats all. Do I have some stories ready for moments like this? Yes, but honestly, no one is reading this weekend. We are ALL boating.. And I love it. Now if you will excuse me, I have some globes to warm up!

Lets go!


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16 Responses to “Yes, I Am Alive, Just Slept Late. Sorry Greenland!”
  1. Jim Staib

    Well I went to Grand Lake figguring I’d see a nice show. Only to find out the show is in Grand Lake, Oklahoma and I’m in Grand Lake, Colorado.

  2. Reddog

    The 2 guys in the vintage photo really know how to have fun. Hanging out in front of that spinning prop….. Living on the edge.. that will get the heart pumping. I was at the Port Huron show. Nice turn out of boats and people. Was able to get a ride in a vintage beautiful Hacker Craft.

    • Greg Lewandowski

      Reddog, glad you joined us. We had great weather, a great time and gave boat rides to 440+ nice people in three hours on Saturday afternoon.

  3. Texx

    Hey Jim, I was riding my H-D through the Rocky Mountains yesterday too. But the mountain pass I crossed was only 7,300 ft high. Stay safe my friend.

  4. Steve Anderson from Michigan

    I was at the port huron show Saturday as well! It was a great show. I love all the big cruisers that show up and give tours. That’s a lot of wood!