Mr B has a pool

First, sorry two Railway stories in one week. But I know how much we all like a good disaster. Especially one that really isn’t a disaster. Well, yesterday, after a series of work calls, I looked out and wow, that tide is high.. and we had another two hours to go before High Tide. WTH!!!!

Gloomy skies, all day

Right on the edge

She floats…ish

Mr B was on full patrol.

Fall Scene

I put a board at the seam, which kinda helped..ish

Hey it’s not like I did not know. After all the Railway is at sea level, and we have designed things with that in mind. And of course it’s great photo material. And a story. Gotta love it when a story happens. It’s kinda sick how I see the world now..

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14 Responses to “Well, At Least The Railway Is Clean?”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    I guess the 3+ inches of rain we got here in Michigan over the last two days flowed down to Virginia. Stay dry and safe!

  2. Terry

    Wow! Any significant damage? At least it’s not a Katrina flood. Lived in New Orleans during that one.

  3. Frank@Falmouth

    Makes boat launching and retrieval easy. What has the high water level been in the past? Im sure George Butler has some stories…

  4. Dick Dow

    Venice of the USA? We just got a notice from our insurance company that our Puget Sound waterfront property is now considered to be in a flood zone due to global warming… ie: We want to extort more money from you – Thank you for cooperating! The tide has never gotten to the yard in the 65 years we have been on the beach. Oh well!

  5. Ronald

    Is this a 100 year flood/high tide? Has this problem ever happened before? Good luck and get out those Muck boots.