It’s a Fageol in a box.

A huge thanks to long time fellow Woody Boater Dick Dow, for sharing this great estate sale find. Ya gotta love some NOS finds. WOW. Of course Dick has some missing info and is looking for some fill in the blanks. Here is Dicks note.

It’s no ordinary FAGEOL, It’s a VIP one?

Here are a few shots of an in-the-box Fageol 44 VIP I picked up a couple weeks ago. From what I can determine, it has never been out of the crate. These were used in a number of production boats in the late 50’s, but information on them is pretty thin and I am looking for an installation/service manual in case I decide to actually install it into something… The Dakota maybe? It would fit, but the boat runs so well with the Homelite 55, I think it would be more appropriate it end up preserved or in a boat originally equipped with one.

More of the box

I got it from the estate of a friends father who used to race Midgets with Crosley engines – he had a couple complete Homelite/Bearcats and this. I got the lot out of his way. 🙂

$333 in todays numbers is.. $2,700 ish.

Anyway, here are the shots and some images that are applicable. If I could find more info, or if you know anyone who can fill in the blanks.

This is one in Dicks Boat!

And of course the outside of the box.

So? Got some blanks you want to shoot today? They have value here. COME ON! You knew a Blank joke was gonna happen. Maybe a Dick Dow In A Box joke? This story was ripe for pervy puns, yet I tried to keep  the high road going, until I could feel your dirty minds creeping in. And no way was I gonna give you that pleasure of being first.


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19 Responses to “Anyone Got Some Of Them Classic Boat Blank Fillers?”
  1. Rick

    Well how cool is that. In addition I had never seen a vertically mounted inboard before. I guess that just shows my limited exposure. An article about these would be great. Anyway very sweet find.

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    Does the whole engine turn to steer the boat? Really? I must be missing something!

  3. Syd

    Century had what they called the pavlo(sp). Not sure if that was this one or the I/O. Same hull as the roan and palomino series that used this or a similar set up

  4. Nemo

    The Century Colt and the CarAqua inboards used them. I had about a half dozen of them until I sold that inventory. I have all the literature you’re looking for. Holler at me. Nemo, 803.517.2591(Boathouse Marineworks & Performance)

  5. Dennis Spillane

    I have that same motor in a late 50’s Yellow Jacket. These were the boats with the Roy Rogers history. Neat piece, great find. !!

  6. Wes Yandt

    Dick, one of our club members in Spokane is restoring a 1957 Century Colt that has this Fageol in it. He is almost finished. I think he just missed the big show in CDA. I am sure that he would be interested in a little collaboration. His name is Dick Goodell.

  7. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    Great find Dick. I have never seen one of these before. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Steve franchini

    How funny. I have a century colt that I am slowly restoring and found a complete fagoel still in the crate here in Washington also.

    • Richard Daley

      Being an engine guy, that’s one very cool unit
      Would make a great static display in my bar.

      • Don Palmer

        Now there is an idea! We could all sit around and drink beer while we pretended we knew a lot about it. Well, at least that would in my case. I had never heard of such a thing!

  9. Kelly Wittenauer

    Very cool! Some Fageols were based on the Crosley car engine. Some small hydroplanes ran the Crosley, as did TQ (3/4 midget) racers. Saw this hydro in a state park lodge near Madison, IN.

    • Kelly Wittenauer

      A floating restaurant in Madison had this engine on display.

      • Kelly Wittenauer

        And my father built & raced this Crosley powered TQ in the late ’60s.



  11. Dick Dow

    The installed one pictured is not in a boat I own – that came from the website that had the ad. Yes, the entire engine assembly turns, which certainly makes the exhaust and cooling outlets a bit of a challenge. I will reach out to a few of you to learn more about this motor… 😊

  12. km

    48 cu inch apba class ran Crossleys, often on alcohol, not uncommon to blow up (disintegrate)