This photo takes on a new meaning to me now

Today, nothing remotely clever. I feels like a freight train ran over me last night and dumped some bad food in me. Pressing the type keys is like lifting a barbell, and I will spare you all the other details. So, today its a header day. And you all need to make today fun in the comment section. I will be sleeping and hoping I can eliminate the demon seed that I consumed last night.

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16 Responses to “Calling In A Sick Day.”
  1. John F Rothert

    Take some time to get right…you deserve it. Hope this passes soon.

    John in Va.

  2. Troy in ANE

    If I didn’t know you so well I would think it might be self inflicted.

    Feel better!

    • Troy in ANE

      Shep & others:

      I think Matt is refering to the guy HURLING over the side of the boat, and that is a cleet at her ankle.

  3. Reddog

    She is actually telling him”. Ok Mr. Bigshot spent all night at the bar knowing we were gonna be out on the water today.Where’s your buddies now, hope they ALL feel as sick as you”. Look at the smile on her face. Shes not trying to comfort him. … Anyway. Hope YOU feel better real soon Matt


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