Well, we have all been here waiting for this to be official, and possibly dream. The Big Lake Dora Show is on for the weekend of March 24-27 2022. Of course it’s hard to pinpoint a specific start date or end date since many of us make a week of it before or after. The real thing about the Dora Event in Florida, is HOPE!

wooohooooo – YNOT Photo

A light we all can look at through the dark 4PM sunsets knowing that soon, summer will start, and we can pull out our shorts, and be with friends in human form. Personally I never want to be virtual anything anymore. It’s a new way of life that is not a way of life.

Old shirts, old friends, and old smiles

Over the winter we will be designing new shirts and stuff for the stuff store at Dora, I will bring more XXXXXXL’s. If you are gonna do the AIR Band B thing, it might be too late. So start your searching now. The new park is all done, and a new energy will be at the show. People have been in their bunkers way to long! I have missed you all.. Okay some of you. But the great news is, in 160 days-ish. We will virtually be able to not go to a virtual show ever again! ON TO REAL HUGS, REAL SMILES, AND REAL HUMANITY!

One of my favorite Florida Photos.


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13 Responses to “160 Days ish – The Countdown To Dora Starts Today!”
  1. Mahoganymadness

    I’ll be there not sure I’ll win all awards like I did 2years ago but…will try

    • Old Salt

      Must be an amazing boat since it won even with the bow lifting ring turned towards port. Maybe the lifting ring thought it was on a cobra. Oh no, I didn’t just type that did I….

  2. John F Rothert

    oh hell yes….begin the countdown and make there.

    John in Va.

  3. Shep on Lake Shafer

    Sad Day winterized Mom’s Mink last night almost ready to move her into her winter corner of the garage.
    Bright side is the Shepler’s are planning to be at Dora with Mom’s Mink!
    We were on Lake Dora for the 2020 show that was canceled.
    It was canceled as we were driving down the Sunday before the show.
    We still had fun on some boat rides to lunch that Jeff Funk put together with a small group.
    Looking forward to seeing everyone there.
    It’s to bad we can’t get Greg Lewandowski to leave the land of Boat The Blue for a few days! I think he would enjoy it!

    • Greg Lewandowski

      Hi Dave. If I can get a ride on Mom’s Mink down there I may consider making the trip!

      • Shep on Lake Shafer

        Greg You are welcome to ride on Mom’s Mink anytime!
        It will give me a chance to pay you back.
        So come on down!
        The weather is beautiful in March in Florida!

  4. m-fine

    Funny timing! I just blocked out the entire week on my work calendar yesterday.

    Meanwhile in NY, it’s last gasp time before we suddenly go from 70 to 20 with short notice. Last shot looking back on the last boat ride, taking the last boat to the ramp: