A perfect match.

Little Ruthie! There, if you know the reference, today will bring an old smile to your face. If not, and I suspect 99.9% of you all will not know what or who I am talking about. That’s okay, even the internet is a little obscure on her.

The best Brat ever captured on film. Ruthie Manchester

BUT, on ebay, we have this very cool Buddy L woody wagon which was the reminder. And with a boat? Is that a Buddy L boat? Doesn’t feel right, but is a very cool mash up. The boat is a little too detailed to be a dead match.

Cool Aft area

Lets go to Legoland

Load up the toy suitcases

A great film – Two For The Road

Would love to find one just like this, same color… Call it Ruthie. And yes this is a 1957, where as the Buddy L is a 1958-59

Okay back to the ebay Buddy L… Love the concept of matching a Tonka, Corgi, Dinky, Buddy L to a small Woody Model is very cool.  IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE OF IT ON EBAY  CLICK HERE

Ruthie wants you to click NOW!

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6 Responses to “Two For The Road, Oh We Are Getting Obscure Today!”
  1. Bilge Rat

    Bias ply tires on probably an overloaded and top heavy 57′ Ford County Squire wagon. Must have been a white knuckle ride on the highway.

  2. Ole Olson's boat scratching service

    I think that Ruthie wants to know if snakes have nipples.

  3. Damon

    Great obscure reference! Great movie. Lots of cool cars and a great house and 60’s cocktail party. Matt, I can’t believe you didn’t reference the CC Cobra pulling a water skier in the Mediterranean!

  4. Reddog

    I think it must be the Riva bringing the price of those 2 up cause I’m not sure the set is really worth the asking price but ya never know.