Miss Water Puss.. LOST AT SEA!

You may be wondering why I am late this morning. Well.. Been out looking for Miss water puss, the Boatress’s plastic boat. That we never use, think about or apparently noticed. The water levels here in Reedville are the highest I have seen in 20 years, and Miss Water Puss decided to float away from her lift. Will she be found alive? In someones yard?

The railway is like an indoor pool. I turned all the power off yesterday

Hey! Where is Miss Water Puss?

There is little I can do right now after looking for 2 hours. One thing is for sure. Miss Water Puss is one bad ass boat now and worthy of some badassery. STAY TUNED.

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18 Responses to “Lost Boat! Miss Water Puss Is MIA”
  1. Andy in Middletown

    Was thinking of you with the Tide forecast. Stay safe on the waters and I hope you find your boat… It may be too soon, but having a plastic boat float away. is that a commentary on wood vs plastic?

  2. Chug-A-Lug

    Send some of that water my way.I’ve been down about 4 ft all summer

  3. Jim G

    Here on Lake Hartwell all the docks are floating and cabled to the shore. Every once in a while a cable breaks and the dock will twist around. But if you are really lucky. Both break and your dock floats off.

    The worst part of that happening is when you realize that everything that you could use to go look for it is either attached or on your dock and all your neighbors went home because the weekend is over.

  4. Matt

    I know, I was thinking.. mmmm I need a boat to go look for my boat! HA.. It is what it is and there is little I can do now but make a few stories from it!

    • Troy in ANE

      I’m begining to think that George knew it was time to sell the railway.

  5. Frank Eggert

    Record tides here on the Chesapeake… All my stuff in Southern Maryland is high and dry, tho the dock box is probably full or floating.. The Riveria at RMR hasnt floated off yet! Will be a good weekend to dry things out there.. Good luck locating the boat,….

  6. Greg Lewandowski

    I read this morning about the tidal flooding in your area and was concerned that it was the reason for your late story. I hope this passes quickly and the damage is minimal.
    We had a guy that lost his boat on our inland lake when it floated off the lift after heavy rains this summer. He did not know it was gone until he saw a photo someone took and put on Fakebook of it floating in the middle of the lake. Very observant!

  7. joe

    Who gets sued if someone hits it and is injured or has their propery damaged by it? If it were me (and it isn’t) I would be searching right now in a highly motivated way. Just say’in.

  8. Old Salt

    It’s always a good idea to tie your boat to something even though it is on a lift high above the water. My dad learned that lesson with his sail boat years ago during a major hurricane on our lake. A neighbor called us to say he saw our boat drifting down the lake without anyone in it. Long story short…. We found the boat the next day upside down with just a tiny bit of the bow sticking up out and of the lake. Luckily the mast got suck on the bottom of the lake and kept the boat from drifting and hitting anything.
    Good Luck finding the boatress boat Matt!

  9. Matt

    FOUND! It had floated into a slip. Yes, into the slip. Just sitting there. WTF! Not tied up. So no one did it.. She did it all on her own. Makes no sense. I must have seen it 20 times. But thought.. that cant be it its in a slip. Oh and it was litterally across the creek.

    • Craig A. McIntosh

      craziest story… maybe someone saw the boat, took it to an open slip and just shoved it in there (?). lucky break.

    • Jim G

      She’s just trying to find a home that will use her. Boats have feelings to you know.

  10. Duster

    That sure is a high tide! All through the shop aaaagggggggh. Another clean up / search party job.
    The Reedville Submarine Railway.

  11. Duster

    Ha! What a good little plastic boat. Hardly badass, rather sensible I would have thought. Happy ending.

  12. Rivadella

    Love that Header pic!!
    Just wait till the tide floats that one away….