Been in there since 1975.

A friend sent me a listing locally of a classic boat for sale on Facebook marketplace. Ya ya.. but hey a click can open up so much joy.. Or not. This one had a twist. It said Sportsman. mmmm and literally down the street. In fact I was going to pass right by there yesterday morning.  No photos of the boat were in the listing.

The shed was built around the boat.

And we all know everyone thinks they have a barrel back, or Golden Pond boat, but thats all part of the fun. A sort of gamble. So I stopped by and captured the moment I showed up. What’s in there?

Oh! It’s in there good. Been in one family since new. Grandfather was a true character and loved boating. A real Woody Boater.. I was falling in love with it all.. And then!

All there, cushions, parts.. etc, in a dust, mouse eaten, pile of goodness

WHHHHHHHAAAAAAAT? Stay tuned for the slow strip tease.. Like I said.. I might be able to milk this one for a week.



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18 Responses to “Down The Street Barn Find – Oh! This Is Gonna Take Some Time.”
  1. Cliff

    Looks pretty long….. like 25’ long…. hmmm Suzy get the taser out!

  2. Rabbit

    Just milk it all week, Matt. I hope you bought it. And so glad to see the Railway is drying out.

  3. Randy

    … hmmmmm, no trailer — if the tide comes up again could it be floated down to the railway?????

  4. Michael A. Hill

    That ain’t no Lyman; and the shear doesn’t look right for a U-22………


  5. Ole Olson's boat scratching service

    Got to be that ol’Ditchburn that my great-great grand pappy scratched.Back in the good ol’days!

  6. Chuck Crosby

    Not sure what the model was…but that looks like the 24 foot Chris Craft with the 431 Lincoln that was Suzy and I think is now Jimmy’s Scarlet…

    PS: being a freshwater boater, what cleaning steps did you have to do to your lawnmower, air compressor, and related treasures to negate the salt water bath that these items experienced over the extreme high tide last weekend?

  7. RivaDella

    Props Matt, in your previous life either you were in marketing or you were a farmer; the way you can milk these stories…..!!

  8. Art

    Probably one of the 7 25 footers built for the Smith family…… I hope.

    Molly-O’s sister ship .

  9. Cliff

    Skene bow chocks and the bow light with the little fin in front to protect the lenses. Just like on a 20’ Custom and a 25’ Sportsman.