Looks like I will need some DEF Hey at least I was going 55.

We are on the road again, and today reporting from some exit in some area that all looks the same, with all the same fast food places, and same hotels as every other exit. Do I have boat stories? Yes, but on a chilly Saturday? I do have this.

TIL DORA! As of 6ish AM HAPPY HEADER DAY! You know what to do!

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23 Responses to “The Comment Section Is Open. No Jumping On The Beds Please.”
  1. Old Salt

    Let’s play twenty questions and I get to go first.

    1. Are you towing a trailer?

  2. Mike K

    Is the sun rising

    Don’t think I’m front of you unless you have anphicar

  3. John F Rothert

    be careful the highway is way more dangerous than Going Boating!

    John in Va

  4. Ollon

    Where ever you go…There you are. Just remember, where ever There is these days it’s likely you’re being videotaped 95% of the time. Smile!

  5. Murdock

    Matt is not exactly all “incognito” or something either.
    With “WoodyBoater” plastered all over the sides of the truck, we’ve got enough eyes everywhere that the Boatress will know about any new acquisition LONG before he’s near home.
    Matt, we can be bribed and we all have a place to hide things before you break the news and get it insured…….

  6. first53resorter

    Are you going to the West Coast to pick up the Garwood I missed by 24 hours???

  7. Old Salt

    We have confirmed Matt is not towing a trailer but what is under that tarp on the flatbed tractor trailer truck next to him???? That could be some small cruiser under the tarp.

  8. Mike K

    if that ap was working we could pin him down.

    also he didnt fly where ever, so must be planning to tote something home. hmmmmm