Spotted in Missasipi. Missasiipi, Mississippi, YES! I did the little song and it worked. Congrats to Laura Howell for making it a fun day! You get a pack of frozen Weiners!

Sorry, no trailer…..yet. The Boatress, and all decided on a Road trip for family to the New Orleans HQ. There are chores lined up and food to eat, and most of all, sleep.. SAAALLLLEEEEEPPPP! This will be the first break since Covid, and already I can feel the weight of the world lifting. But don’t worry, I have a feeling I will distribute that weight back at each tasty meal. So, with that I am on a different time zone. I am planning on visiting the WW2 Museum, and on the hunt for Higgins stuff. I can smell it here. Okay, I can smell a lot of things here. I am just gonna say its Higgins stuff.

Higgins stuff is all over the place here.

If you are around, look out for me, I am in a huge F250 with WoodyBoater plastered all over the sides. Or come on by LOWTIMERS in ByWater. Mention Woody Boater and get nothing off. WHAT? Black Friday is soon enough. And so is Lake Dora.. Woohoooo.

Lowtimers is my sons and fiance’s store of art, and the stuff that inspires the art.

They are rocking it. Very proud of them

Small store, big inventory.

They have a vintage chain stitch machine.

Very very cool work coveralls.

Same vintage machines, on vintage clothes. All hand done. No computers, or looks like its real. It is hand done art.

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9 Responses to “Live From New Orleans”
  1. Darthtrader

    Eat some BenYeahs, Go see the restored PT Boat. Eat more Ben Yeahs! Try some Crawdads and Gumbo. Then get a shrimp PoBoy. Enjoy some Zydeco music. Have fun with your Family.

  2. floyd r turbo

    I second the Beignets and I’d get a ride on that PT boat. That is my dream although I’d need to start a Go Fund Me to make that happen. I would love to go thru the WW2 museum as well. Would have loved to been a part of the work group that restored the PT boat. Probably the only way to have a closeup inspection of all the compartments such as engine room, crews quarters, chart/radio room, etc.

  3. Ollon

    Love the Screaming Eagle shirt in the window. By coincidence my father and I both served in the 101st. Him in WW2 and I in the Air Assault Division in the 1980s.

  4. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    You know you have to get out on the Mississippi while you are there.


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