That is one good lookn can

Are oil prices High, or is the seller? maybe its that its virgin oil? Vs Extra Virgin Olive oil? And dear god, how ugly must those olives be to be Extra Virgin? Okay enough virgin jokes. Now, let’s talk price and value of art. These small Outboard cans are absolutely gorgeous. And proof that great art is more valuable than oil. Bad art is just trash.

Perfect fonts! Motor Oil is amazing lettering style

As is old oil, old virgin oil? maybe a can of Spinster Oil? Okay, if you want to spend $2,600 on ebay! Here ya go. CLICK HERE!!!!!! I will suspect you will not find a better example. Its almost perfect. And these cans on other sites have sold for 125-400.. But not as perfect.

Perfect design!

Another great design

Also great


Dang, I have noticed that the Outboard Cans are more attractive designs than standard oil cans.

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26 Responses to “At $2,600 A Quart, Yikes Oil Prices Are High!”
  1. Jim Staib

    WOW!! Does that make this 5 gallon can worth more or less? Should I put it in the safe or realize someone is on crack🤯

  2. Art

    Wow have I finally beat Greg……………………so I will kick the Art can down the river.

  3. tparsons56

    OK – Please forgive us Michiganders. Its cold, the trees are bare and the water is freezing. Our basketball and hockey teams have losing records and then there is the Lions to cap it all off. We do have a big college game coming up on Saturday but after what Ohio State did to Michigan State last Saturday we don’t have a warm and cozy feeling about this game.

    In regards to oil can “art” – that’s going to be a real hard NO!

  4. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Tin can, or plastic quart. They all have or did have 2 cycle oil in them. And there is nothing like the smell of 2cycle oil burning with gas. Its the smell of fun !! I burn marine oil in my weedeater, it just makes me smile while I’m working.

    • Dick Dow

      Those lakes that only allow four-strokes have lost more than they know… Burning two-cycle in the correct mix is pure nostalgia and the original mosquito repellent! 😉

  5. Briant

    Hey, does anyone want to purchase this model of a cruiser? It is about two feet in length, comes in the box, and is $250 at a local antique store.

    • Johnny Eastern

      Find out if it has the four figures (Captain and three passengers) that came with the kit if so I would be interested
      Thank you

    • Steve Anderson from Michigan

      My grandfather used to build Martin motors at the factory in Eau Clair. My dad has a couple of old Martin moters still. Popit valves are the best! Briant, I am very interested in the model boat, as well.

    • Briant

      I will be near the antique shop where this boat is tomorrow and will find out about the figures and will take more photos and get more info.

      The shop owner said it was $250. I could do the purchase and prep for shipping and ship it for $50 more.

      More pics and info tomorrow,,,,

  6. tom

    My favorite would be the” Marine Special” can.Colors and condition are fantastic.Art looks like 1960’s?

  7. Charlie Berry

    Here’s another that is Holy Grail to Martin Outboard Collectors (Facebook: Martin Outboard Fun Page) I have seen maybe three of these in 25+ years on Ebay.

  8. Steve Anderson from Michigan

    My grandfather used to build Martin motors at the factory in Eau Clair. My dad has a couple of old Martin moters still. Popit valves are the best!

      • Steve Anderson from Michigan

        I saw him today for Thanksgiving at our house and he doesn’t have any cans anymore, but he remembers them well growing up in Eau Clair.

  9. John Lisicich

    Aloha! Love the Marine Special can. We used to buy this for 19 cents a quart at Top Auto stores in Tacoma, Wa. The smell of a 2 cycles exhaust still takes me back to the early 1960s and waterskiing and other summer fun. Oh what fun we had with our 35hp Evenrude Lark. It seems like the 35 hp had bigger horses in those days.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Make it the best Thanksgiving of your life, so far!

  10. Bill Anderson

    i HAVE WENT CRAZY WITH OIL CANS WITH ANY BOAT OR MOTOR,and I have plenty and still adding,alot easier to ship and take up less room,this is an old pic take this times 10