Santa and his Ho Ho’s

Alright, here we go, come on in. Everyone is expected today and many have been traveling all night for this annual debaucherous holiday party. The Boatress has been preparing all sorts of goodies for the party, Mr B has also been getting ready and we will be cleaning the bathrooms every hour on the hour.

Not the Boatress BTW

We have so much to celebrate this year, and its great to have you here, please mingle in the comment section, we will be updateing throughout the day and hopefully none of you will require a “visit” to the HR dept tomorrow. Then again, we would need to have an HR dept. So do what ya gotta do. Pets welcome.

Mr B is ready!

Come anyway you can

We have some records, and Twister game set up in the basement. We will bring the Crisco later

The Woodyboatettes will be ready to dance. Yes The Woodyboateretts are a new thing

Santa is on his way, but stuck in the ice up in Minnesota.


Lily is tending the Bar

We brought in an extra Bar Tender. She is over 21 so that helps. Hey, we are responsible here.

So come on in. We are thrilled you are here.

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93 Responses to “Welcome To The 14th Annual Woody Boater Annual Holiday Party. Come On In!”
  1. Rick

    Man its always awkward being the first at the party. I’ll put on the coffee.

  2. Frank@Falmouth

    On my way. Merry Christmas, stay well everyone! God Bless America and WoodyBoaters everywhere.

  3. Bilge Rat

    Well I’ll join you early. I know the real fun always starts way later but I will have left by then. Trouble ahead oh, lady in red and I don’t need anymore trouble of any kind this year.

  4. RiverRat

    Already went out to hug my boat and grab some refreshments. This party is the new reality because it reflects my non virtual holiday celebration. Just me my first mate. So roll out the barrel , nobody is watching. Merry Christmas to all

  5. Greg Lewandowski

    Glad the party has started and good to see everyone. Mr. B is looking good and should keep things under control. Merry Christmas from the Michigan Gang!

  6. Jim Staib

    I would like to introduce Kai. I went to the humane society to look at another Husky. After being told the Husky could scale a 6ft fence in 20 seconds flat I decided that I’m too old to chase Houdini daily. Kai is a Blue heeler mix. So far he has been a good choice.
    I was at a party Sunday and Monday so I’m getting a slow start.❄🎅❄

    • John Baas

      Congrats on the pooch, Jim! We lost Zephyr in July. Re-doged last week with Enzo. Irish terrier mix about to experience his first Christmas. Party on all!

  7. Bob Kays

    Merry Christmas from beautiful Lake Hopatcong! Bob Rice and I are on our way

  8. ART

    Boy I’m tuckered out already, time for a nap, oh wait I just got up, but I’m ready for one—–you all are such party animals.


  9. Mark

    Making good time in Rocket Man. Should be there soon.

    Congrats Jim on your new friend !

  10. ART

    Party pooper, but I gotta get home before the river freezes.

    Merry Christmas to all!!!

  11. tparsons56

    We are ready to party! Merry Christmas to all and to all have a great time at the party. Being that this is the shortest day of the year it can only get brighter [hopefully].

  12. Murdock

    OK, I’ve got bail money at the ready if this thing gets out of hand like it always does……….
    Hope all have a Merry Christmas and the presents under the tree include plane tickets and hotel reservations for Mt. Dora.
    Looking forward to seeing all there!!!
    Jim, so happy that Kai has that familiar “Human, I am your master” look too!

  13. Bill & Linda

    Another Virtual Party ? Ok, We are Virtually on the way in this little Woody Boat.

  14. Troy in ANE

    Still early and the gifts are already starting to flow!
    Chad I think this one is for you.

  15. Dick Dow

    I’m having a hard time keeping Gus away from the tree… I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

  16. Ole Olson's boat scratching service

    Sis just got her colonoscopy done!Can you tell?

  17. JohnnyEastern

    It’s a cold and rainy day on Lake Allatoona Ga
    The Chris Crafts are all nestled in their slips
    but we can party on Woody Boater
    Merry Christmas to all
    Party On

  18. Kelly Wittenauer

    Fog finally cleared, so we can get on our way. Merry Christmas to all in Woodyboaterville!

    • Tom Wilson


      Best alumaboater on this site.

      Day dreamed of putting my Starduster Too on floats but it has enough drag already–and we have precious little water to fly off of in the desert.

      • Kelly Wittenauer

        The plane’s not ours 😉 We used to enjoy watching it take off & land behind our house, when we lived on the Fox River in northern IL. The photo was taken from our lawn there.

  19. Rabbit

    The Bildsten’s and Setterholm’s are on the way. Notice that the ice is already off Lake Minnetonka.

  20. John Rothert

    Merry Christmas to all….came right back from GOING BOATING…just to be with you all at this annual bash!

  21. Ron in Seattle

    We will “hang around” On the tree later today. Stay safe and enjoy your Christmas!

  22. WCHA UP Chapter

    We are here and also brought food and beer. I know Bosch beer was requested last year, but we couldn’t find any.

  23. Philip Andrew

    The scoot across the pacific went as planned. 137 refuelling stops. French New Calidonia just voted to stay French so huge party there. Fiji was nice, always so friendly. Got stuck into the Fiji Bitter and Kava so that kept the nerves calm as we headed up to Tahiti. Calm waters and warm sea breezes as we approach the beautiful Hawaiian islands. The mighty Ford interceptor is running like the champ it is. After Hawaii where we will be overnighting at The White Lotus and getting amongst a few longboards at the bar. Next morning we will make a dash to Huntington Beach to pick up Steve. What time does the party start again? I think we’re going to be a little late.

  24. Russ in Colorado

    Stuck in the tree here and enjoying the party! Merry Christmas to all!

  25. Berlin Büro

    Damn! Left my WB mug in Berlin but luckily don’t need a fake Zoom background to celebrate in Colorado! Frohe Weihnachten!

  26. Murdock

    Wow, y’all sure can drink it down!!!!
    Here’s some more of our KY bourbon for the bar.
    This stuff is high test and makes rec fuel look like soda pop. It’ll either put hair on your chest or applied topically, will remove it and varnish too!!!!!

  27. Steve Horn

    Did the moderator decide to hold that little hot tip in Maryland back for his own, perhaps?

  28. Clay at Crosslake

    Had to shovel this morning up in Minnesota and am on my way. Save some Lyman beer and Murdock’s special reserve and, for sure some whitebait. It sounds like a better way to prepare Lake Superior smelt.

  29. JohnnyEastern

    Weather has cleared
    It’s VFR
    Now let’s get to the 🎉🎊🥳

    • Rick

      Someone told me I won this last year so I took it home. Then the police came by. Careful with what you think is a door prize.

  30. Texx

    I’m on my way, took a wrong turn and the Ducati doesn’t like the cold weather.

    • Greg Lewandowski

      Ducati!!! Texx has upgraded from the Harley. Merry Christmas my old friend!

      • Texx

        Thanks Greg, still have the H-D but the Ducati provides for some more “spirited” riding. Happy Holidays Greg & Marianne!

  31. Good Ole Woody Boaters

    We heard there was a Woody Boats party. Hope we’re not too late.

  32. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    The Islander bar is empty. Everyone has left and came to the Woody Boater Christmas party. I have been there all day. Have enjoyed it. Merry Christmas to all🎅🎄

    • Texx

      The Islander Bar is a great spot, many fond memories with our friend Alex Watson in that place. Hessel rocks!

  33. Mike K

    i was waiting for a zip appearance,

    hope mr b dosnt get his smoking habit.

  34. Matt

    Someone needs to tell him that smoking is not cool anymore. Not me, I aint telling him, he will rip my face off. Someone else!

  35. Troy in ANE

    Since Santa is calling it a night, I guess I will too. I will check in in the morning and see how everyone is doing.

    Merry Christmas!!

  36. Slats

    Lets all get home safe tonight. If you’ve had too much eggnog, snd are wearing the lampshade, don’t worry. Just get a tow home or let Zip have they keys.