WHAT? REALLY? No.. Just No!

Okay, who got into the copy room. Do you know how expensive that Xerox Machine is? Really? Someone has to clean that screen now. You and your smelly butt stuff. You are a bunch of animals. Well, actually some were actually real animals. Zip is still here and wont leave. He just keeps complaining about smoking rules and how the world was such a better place when you could smoke IN the office.


Zip looks a tad different in person BTW.

Some can not just let go of the past I suppose. Poor Zip, Poor poor Zip. To all of you that actually were polite and left on time, thankyou for coming by. It was so nice to see you…LEAVE! To those still here. I am gonna get the hose going. Ya! Ya… Ugh..

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19 Responses to “NOT FUNNY!”
  1. RiverRat

    Well if that is the way you feel I am taking my boats and going home to celebrate some more. Do you mind if I take the leftover frozen wieners? As we say thanks for coming and bless you for leaving. The best part I only have a virtual hangover. I will fold the chairs on my way out. Thanks again

  2. Troy in ANE

    I think you need that hose for Mr. B!

    Not sure as the Vet got everything, and he seems a LITTLE confused.

  3. Murdock

    Did you see those three nurses giving an intravenous drip of bourbon to poor Matt?
    They thought an extra “booster shot” was in order……..
    Man, I also ran out of bail money and the Reedsville Railway Bar said to swing by and grab some WoodyBoater leftovers who stopped by for last call.
    We are still a wild bunch!
    Virtually anyway………😜

  4. John F Rothert

    what a mess…glad I don’t drink…takes time away from ladies and Going Boating!

    Thanks for the hospitality.

    John in Va.

  5. Rabbit

    With all due respect, I don’t think the image captured on your copier belongs to anyone reading Woody Boater.

  6. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Sun is up. I am heading home. A little hung over. Maybes too much Lyman Beer. Special Reserve, or the Boathouse brown. I will live. Oh by the way. It definitely was not me who made the copy 😃

  7. Ollon

    Dang. Spend a few days working in the wine cellar and I miss the whole party. Just wait til next year.