Gate with W and Black bottom to match fence

Okay, I am obsessed, like need medication obsessed. I heard my fence issued a stalking complaint about me, so before the law steps in with a protective order, I will pick at this some more. And here is the conundrum. Restore Railway to former simple glory. Making it all feel like its just captured in time.

Railway font 707, note trim on bottom and duel exhaust


WB logo with Red

Simple ish

Logo with domain

Single exhaust, and a more classy look.

OR..OR, OR? Add in some Woodyboater stuff to make it our own. An evolution of use? Its such a fine line, I can slip off so quickly. And yet need to pull back, a-lot. Part of the artististic process is trial and error, and take away anything that distracts from the clear vision. And so as many of you pointed out, its a complicated branding message. AND can be way to overboard with any one brand. Railway or Woodyboater.

Red bottom

Copper bronze bottom

Mix in this gate, and the Gate seems to be a tipping point, it feels too fancy for the space. Or? Gives it some artistic fun factor. After all we have the love sign, and will be bringing in some other fun boat related art. Prop plants, etc.

Fence painted with Lexington Brand Acrylic Lacquer fence paint.

The setting

So the real other debate is being calm, just number with black bottom to bring the fence together, or more WB branding. BTW the number is railway branding, we have a huge sign with that logo on it on the Office/Studio building.

There will be a logo sign do I need another on the gate?


Prop planter

Art from classic boats has been added, but this could have been done back in the day


One coat of varnish

Mr B is concerned

This is part of the process I go through. Its agonizing, and lots of work is thrown away after its done. For example, the Transom gate may just be too clever for this space, and a simple gate might be just right. Not too much, and let it all be the cool part.

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36 Responses to “I Can’t Stop Gate Debating”
  1. Franco bocelli

    Woodyboater hq sign should be as big as you can – it’s a destination- it’s a legend – use the horse at the front of the Ferrari hq – your going too small – you need a 25ft chris craft on a angle at the front entrance

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    Either the black or copper bronze look good……….and then go boating!

  3. Troy in ANE

    If you are going to have the WB sign in place and want to keep it simple: I like NO gate at all!


    • floyd r turbo

      That’s been my thought exactly but it seemed Matt’s mind was “we gotta have a gate”. Looks right without one.

  4. Cliff

    Here is some gasoline for your camp fire… hinges. Yeah don’t be all lame and crap out at this point with regular hinges.You need to have it with super old school industrial spring hinges or an old type of a set up like a fire door. The latch? What about the latch. It will keep Mr. B in the yard and look all cool. I would get old Wilcox and Crittenden Block and tackle and … use an anchor as a counter weight. Yup. Gasoline naplam and AAA jet fuel. Yeah fire door set up or old school spring hinges. Hell I better read yesterdays story you probably already covered this.

    Hey how about a lamp post….

  5. Chug-A-Lug

    I used to have kerosun heater like the one in your shop-noticed it also burned the stain & varnish fumes.Stunk to high heaven.

  6. Cameron

    Simple red gate to match the buildings. Transom idea too clever by half.

  7. Syd

    A different log for the fire
    To keep it simple make it a open cutout transom and paint the same as the fence

  8. Capt. Cranky

    If you REALLY wanna get after it…..rebuild your gate frame to look like the outside of an old boathouse….and then fill the space with an correctly proportioned transom gate!

  9. John F Rothert

    Ditto on the kero heater and varnish fumes….ugh.

    as to the gate….I am lost…..

    John in Va.

  10. Victor Melchiorre

    I think you should split the gate in two, so as to mimic the two motor hatches on runabouts maybe include a bump out for a carburetor too

  11. Beanieincecil

    After consideration I think it’s too cutesy. But if you must, street number, single exhaust and either black or copper bottom paint. I think a transom with that much crown doesn’t look right with a v8?

  12. Mike D

    Why not twelve gates and switch them out every month? It’s all about going overboard with you so let’s go for it. Keep your neighbors wondering what is coming next. I’m sure they are peaking out the windows behind the shades when they see you walking around the marina.

  13. Kelly Wittenauer

    If you go with the transom gate – absolutely the black bottom! Without that black to tie the fence together, it’d be better with no gate at all. The WoodyBoater logo is nice & adds a bit of red to tie it to the railway buildings. I prefer the traditional “home port”, rather than the web address, which feels too commercialized. It needs the exhaust to really communicate “back end of boat”, instead of just “really fancy gate”, to regular (non-boat) people passing by. Love the cleat as a handle!

  14. Kelly Wittenauer

    And if you decide to go without a gate, finish the one(s) you’ve started & hang them somewhere as art.

  15. Rudedog

    I want to vote “simple-ish” dezine. Twin exhaust, simple address ( numbers same size). Bronze bottom, black boot stripe.

  16. Michael Maddox

    What about something like this? Red bottom, with black boot stripe bordered in gold leaf; dual exhaust; with the “WoodyBoater” lettering in gold leaf, bordered in red, with drop shadow above?

  17. John Wick

    The M. Maddox dezine is pretty close. What is a prop planter? You mean you can grow propellers

  18. Denis D

    I’m with the “keep it simple” group. Your 2nd example yesterday with the black border and galvanized metal center painted the same red as the buildings. No need for more logos.

  19. Matt

    Okay, cause I cant milk this any longer. I decided the keep it simple rule was the way to go. The just because you can, doesnt mean you should rule. I love the concept for a house or someplace that isnt already boat rich. So I tore it apart. UGH, and used some galvanized and will make it black. Split it and use two cleats. Done. And not over done

    • tom

      That’s the look.The transom thing would be a maintenance nightmare anyway.

    • Troy in ANE

      The split black and galvanized gate looks good.

      Gates are for keeping something or someone in or out. The gate is aesthetically attractive, but gives off a feeling that one is not welcome in the railway property. An open fence with no gate feels much more welcoming to me.

  20. floyd r turbo

    The simple black gate looks fine. I think you just passed the expiration date on the milk.

  21. Dennis Mykols

    Not a gate but a simple yard sign made about 10 years ago. Only had to refreshen up with another goat of varnish a couple of years ago. Granted, it is not in direct sunlight, but rain and snow. Note the prop, form a hitch receiver filler type of accessory.

  22. Tom McGowan

    Changed my mind on the logo. Transom with address and black bottom is best.

  23. Bruce

    Less is more. Go simple. Way simple, as in one gate consisting of three rails like the fence and a single diagonal or X for support. I’m afraid that if many more cute logos or large graphics appear, your awesome timeless flavor will be obscured by cheese. No offense, but as a professional who sells good taste, I’m sure you understand.