Betty, we miss you already

Really? Betty White, 2021, you bitch. Ya took one of our best at the last second to just add some sort of horrible punctuation to the ship show you where. Good riddance. Okay, to be honest, this time at home working remotely has been amazing. 2020, and 2021 have been an emotional roller coaster for many, and they are now over. I imaging 2022 will be somewhat similar, but things do seem to be calming down, and for that I am grateful.

The Railway in action this past summer

The time I have been able to work on and in the Railway WB Global HQ has been fantastic. And sorry to you all, but hard to go to events and do stories on folks from my living room, workshop. But then again, you are stuck as well, and I suppose in a way, we here at Woody Boater are a way to go boating with buddies during those times when you are stuck at home.

I suppose it could have been worse. I am being sarcastic here.

Was last year a record year again for Woody Boater? No, readership is slightly flat, down some days and up other days. Comments are way way up, which tells me we are all getting a little to much cabin time. Insert “Thats What She Said “joke here. With now roughly 81 days til Lake Dora, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. But it did come with a cost. No Palm Gardens. So we all will have to adapt and trash another place that is already trashed.

Lake Dora !!!!!!!!


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19 Responses to “Hello 2022, Please Be Kind.”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Happy New Year to WoodyBoaterville. May 2022 bring us fair skies and calm seas!

  2. John F Rothert

    its raining. its 60 Va degrees and heading higher…you guessed it…I am Going Boating in 22!

    John in Va

  3. Troy in ANE


    I guess it is time to start my Dora weight loss program again. It worked well in 2020, kept most of it off until recently so back on the scales and trying to lose the gut.

  4. Paul

    Well, in northern Minnesota this morning, it’s -25 below. A bit nippy and two feet of ice. It’ll be awhile before boating season. Mid May, if we’re luck. Happy and Prosperous New Year!

  5. Paul

    Well, in northern Minnesota this morning, it’s -25 below. A bit nippy and two feet of ice. It’ll be awhile before boating season. Mid May, if we’re luck. I hope the New Year brings prosperity and happiness!

  6. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 😃🇺🇸 May all of you Woody Boaters stay healthy, happy, do lots of boating, and prosper. You will need to prosper to support your boat habit.

  7. Chad

    Enjoyed some quiet time on the water yesterday to bring in 2022.

    Happy New Year, fellow boaters!

    • Old Salt

      The gate stories are leaving some of us a little “unhinged”. I’m sure the new gate will help all of us woody boaters “swing” into the New Year!

  8. Dick Dow

    Happy New Year to WB! May 2022 be filled with great memories and friends made on the water. Thank you Matt for your tireless efforts on behalf of the hobby!

  9. Chug-A-Lug

    NEVER CHALLENGE “WORSE’!! Cause it’ll come and bite you on the Ar$$!

  10. Terry

    Happy New Year from Meant To Be at Port Canaveral,Florida. I know most of you are winter suffering, but 85 here and too hot for January. No, not complaining…just commenting. Lots of folks “winterizing” are here soaking up all this weather. Cruise ships are busy again despite the “crud”. If you come this way to thaw out remember how to drive. Most have lost their minds and are in “learning how to drive” mode again when they get here. Ugh! I believe all cars are equipped with a turn signal now. Lol! Have a great day all!