The tone of the wood is insane nice 2 coats of tung oil.

I promise, this is it. But I have had some down time and the weather is perfect for this sort of stuff. Yesterday was spent on the details. Too many, not enough, and well. I had to walk away. And so is the hell of me. Its gone way beyond a workbench and is really a nice sit around table, and maybe some sort of work. I do have some casters, but not sure I like that look. After all art before function is how I ride. In an old car, old boat.. So?


Old primitive boat toy and some repurposed parts

The good news is I have tons..literally of boat parts to use as details.

Cool old Zinc

Not used parts.

There could be a vintage fire?

A small drain for decretive purposes.

Used pre war screws

The Alter is done.

Natural oiled wood

And yes of course I had to design Mr “B” and logo for his “B”ench. Thank god I am going back to work today, I swear I would be branding the nails in the shop. Enjoy. I did.

After painting the table, a little detailing

Rough base. Ugh, oh well.

Still some touching up. Its at Mr B’s level, not ours.

Where are the Bitches?


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22 Responses to “Mr “B”ench – Dog Is In The Details”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Matt, it turned out great and is definitely a cut above any workbench. When I was working in automotive they called the painful process you just went through “shoot the engineer and go into production”!
    Nice job.

  2. Troy in ANE

    It reminds me of the sign in the carpenters shop:

    “Antiques – Made to order.”

    • Jim Staib

      I use that line on my chrome plater. All these parts are antiques. They weren’t when I dropped them off.

      • Mark in OIhio (sometimes da U P)

        I like that line Jim. I will use that sometime .

  3. John F Rothert

    I need to look up “Atlantic Va.” from that early zinc???

    Neat table. Awful snow clogged day in ole Va. 60 last night….10 due tuesday night….what????

    John in Va

  4. John F Rothert

    wow. that Marshall Mngfg co. is very cool…nice website.
    Atlantic Va is a neat place on the Eastern Shore.

    John in Va.

  5. Clay at Cross Lake

    Beautiful “scratch (scrap) made” piece of useful furniture. When you mount Chad’s bottle opener, hang one of those old wooden match box holders underneath to catch the bottle caps.

  6. don vogt

    Seems like random orientation of screw head slots on the mounted drain cover. Would never make it at Tahoe.

  7. Rabbit

    A work of art in every way. Your energy exhausts me, Matt. I feel utterly worthless after a week of sitting by the fire and reading with my Mr. B dog (Mr. Butters.)

    No need to add a bottle opener. All the good beer comes in cans now. I’ve got cool old bottle openers mounted all over my cabin (even under the arms of my Adirondack chairs) and they never get used.

  8. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    Matt, I saw the stool in the second pic. Are you thinking about my idea from yesterday? Perhaps a bar. Mr “B”enches place.

  9. Floydrturbo

    It’s too nice to ever pound anything on. I believe those are some old spiral bench dogs not to be confused with the fur ball under the table. Those have to be used with a thicker table surface or side table for clamping planks for planning.

  10. Philip Andrew

    Maaaaate! Sensational table. Colours dead right. The build quality spot on, the vent decoration looks like it’s always been there. Very nice. Now about branding nails. Couldn’t you do those in the evenings?