Oh, you thought it was over? This Milk is now Ice Cream

What the hell frozen over happened yesterday? It was 70 the day before. Then this. Lots of this, this, and more of that and this. One thing is for sure, Mr B LOVES SOME OF THIS! And That. The snow was wonderful, the 20 mph wind gusts was not. YIKES. One could say, it was so cold, it killed LOVE. Hey. I know what I am doing today. Trying to restore my love for others.

The LOVE sign.. Slipped on the ice? Broken Hip?

Enjoy the photos. No boats were harmed in this filming.

Virgin snow

Winter is here

No boats on the railway today

A study in grey

Mr B Loves some snow


Lets play. Again, and again, and again

Todays header almost looks like a painting. A study in tones. The iphone 12 is an amazing thing, thats for sure.

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18 Responses to “Wow, Woodyboaterville Weather Whiplash”
  1. Rick

    All prepared for it up on Long Island and not even a flake. Other than my next door neighbour.

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    Great photos of some Michigan like weather. Glad Mr. B is enjoying it. Most dogs seem to love the snow!

    • Jim Staib

      Here is the current view. Will change today as 5 more inches are expected here. More as you get closer to lake Superior. As the weatherman says “a shoveling event “.

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Fire up the snowmobiles! We are heading south for fresh snow.

  4. Johnny Eastern

    Winter Wonderland
    Great Pics
    Enjoy the Beauty that weather gives us sometimes

  5. warren

    I love watching the snow….on my PC!
    47F here this am, but 68F here now…I may even go outside later!