From Bob – On Joe Millionaire on Fox last night. I DO NOT WATCH THIS! “A friend” told me it was coming and I risked permanent eye damage and lost brain cells watching this in case you needed content.

We should all stand up and slow clap whats left of Bob Kays brain. Sadly Bob is now selling Calendars from 2042 after the Martians landed and ate all of our children. Hey, Thats a quote from Bob, not me. The good news is the boats still look cool, and despite all the death rays from the invasion from Planet X in 2034 they look great. At least on Lake Hopatcong. Is anyone reading this anymore? Is it really that horrible outside?

We need less young people.

If some Beaver jokes didnt scare you away, maybe this will. I SO NEED A BOAT RIDE AND CHICKEN ON A STICK.

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13 Responses to “Bob Kays Looses Brain Cells For All Of Us.”
  1. Chug-A-Lug

    No boat rides today with -35 and some wind.water is a little stiff.

  2. m-fine

    This is one of those days where I have no idea what Matt is talking about. I know Bob and I get the calendar references, but after that, I am lost. Joe? Aliens? The future? I think it is way too early for that much drinking at my age.

  3. rjtipple

    2042 is supposedly the year in which white people in America are no longer in the majority.

  4. BT

    Here’s a photo taken on Tuesday from space of your east coast snowstorm. Matt had great pictures from land, this one from above is pretty cool too..

    • RiverRat

      I can’t see what matters with white out conditions along the shoreline of southwest Michigan. One foot and counting.

      • Ollon

        You call that snow. This was on I 80 through Truckee the other day. Hope it melts by Boating season.

  5. JenB

    I’m the friend! 😀 I like to have mindless TV shows on while cleaning the house at night. What’s more mindless than supposed educated women all dating the same two guys hoping one of them is a millionaire and they pick one of the women as a wife? Joe Millionaire is a step down from The Bachelor franchise. I do believe I pointed out that there was a Chris Craft on an episode of the Bachelor too.

  6. Randy

    Boy, now I see some of the challenges people had to confront in breaking secret codes during WWII. Honestly, I don’t know where to start with this today ……….

    One thing I do know is that the Roamer will be resurrected — bids are ‘pouring’ in!