Stripped of her bling

Cue the stripper music. We got us some naked photos today from Katz’s Marina and Cocktail Lounge today. Thats right, full nudity, bare wood, and bungholes. Ya, I went there. So you ask? Why does WECATCHEM need to strip? Can she not afford the rent anymore? Well, here is the deal, I use the crap out of her, and since Covid, she sits in her boathouse without a cover, because, she is under a roof? Right? Well, its not that simple. See since there are no sides allowed on boathouses here. New ones at least, sun reflects off the water and have literally baked the varnish off her. UGH. 15 coats gone. Her deck is fine. But the sides, shot. This is 100% my bad, and lesson learned.

She looks great for a 74 year old naked lady

Work it, twerk it.. You go girl. 

I am currently working on a plan to install curtains on the boat house that can be opened and closed. And yes, I know about the covers that go in the boat house and motorize down. But I want her to have some room and think it may be more..well, I dont know yet.

Blue tape special.

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20 Responses to “WECATCHEM Gets Naked At The Katz’s Varnish Bar & Lounge”
  1. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Am I the first to see this stripper today? There is somthing to be said for insomnia. She will look beautiful when done. Will she be putting on a show in Dora?

  2. ART

    You need a boat house like this, Molly-O only needs to get naked about every 15 or 20 years or so and she can get a new dress right over the water.

    • Kelly Wittenauer

      Very nice, Art. What body of water is this, that’s such a beautiful blue?

        • Ronald Ford

          The first time We came to Al;gonac for the boat show I could not believe how blue the water was, It is a beautiful blue color for sure.

  3. Matt

    Thanks for rubbing it in ART! HA, I would personnaly move into your boathouse. So many new restrictions here its insane. Curtains like walls are kinda under the radar. And might achieve some of the same results.

  4. Tuobanur

    Maybe you could raise the roof on your boat house with the sides coming partially down, when the boat is raised all the way up it is covered. 🤔

  5. floyd r turbo

    We built roman shade curtains for a boathouse taking sunbrella and sewing a pocket over the horizontal length (just fold over an inch and a half and run a stitch down the length). The slide an aluminum or steel pipe in the pocket and put garage door rollers on the ends. Do this every 2′ of vertical height and then run garage door channels on each end of the “curtain”. Tie ropes on the bottom pipe roller at each end and run the rope up thru a pulley at the top and screw a cleat on the adjoining vertical stud to tie off to. Pull the rope at each corner down to raise the sunbrella like a roman shade. You’ll need 2 people to hoist the ropes or run one across to the other rope to pull both at the same time by one person via a pulley system. We put screw eyes in the deck to tie the bottom rollers to in case of a heavy blow. Also put steel pipe in bottom pocket for weight and aluminum pipe in the others so it wasn’t heavy.

  6. Ole Olson's boat scratching service

    Maybe a whole bunch of cheapie shower curtains hanging down

  7. Sleepless in Seattle

    We use hypalon for boathouse curtains out here. Not cheap, but heavy enough to not blow like loose sunbrella, easy to open (stainless cable with shackles for the curtain rings. 🙂