Roughing the sign out with pencil and ruler

Sorry, no long haired freaky people today. But I do have another sign. Ya ya.. You spin this crap every day during the winter. T shirts in the works, No woody jokes thank god, cause I am just bored of those as well. But had to ask. So now we can move on. So, todays sign. Well, its for the back of the building at the peak of the large building. Its going to be painted red, and painting on that would be insane. So I made a round logo lock up of WB and Railway. Anyway, here is a step by step of how I did it. Found the plywood in the barn BTW, and used house paint. Doing it in the basement of the house and paint smells would get me evicted.

This is how I made the circle, and inside circles and type lines. One center point and a small scrap of wood with holes drilled for a pencil

Secure two pieces together

Freshly cut at the Railway, Yikes it was cold

6 Feet wide, Primed

Size to see how it will look.

Starting to rough in the black

Laying the red in

Can as a size reference

Colors, Benjamin Moore, Country Redwood, Matches the buildings, White is China White which is a slight off shade white. And Black, it will be clear coated

Details make it fun. I love this ornate style, And it just so happens to match the Railway

And done!

And here is a mock up of how it will look on the building

All Red, simple, and clean

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30 Responses to “Signs Signs Everywhere A Sign”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    It looks great. It amazes me how you can do all that by hand!

  2. Chug-A-Lug

    Dat’s purdy! Better than a clock that tells if it’s Miller” time

  3. Troy in ANE

    Sign looks great, but I think it would POP more if you leave the apex of the building the silver/grey that it is currently. The sign kind of fades a little with the red background.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • Kelly Wittenauer

      I agree, Troy. It kinda blends in & gets lost, with the gable in red.

  4. Kevin Fitzke

    Looks awesome – excited to see it on the building once complete. You might wanna do a sample of the white paint with the clear coat first – sometimes the clear (depends on brand) will yellow up the white paint once it’s applied.

  5. m-fine

    Looks great!!!

    I am looking forward to an HQ event. The last time I was there you were just a customer. It has come a LONG way in a short time!

  6. Matt

    Here is a mock up with the top silver. I would need to make the ring around the circle black to pop. Also to Kevins point, YES, in fact I want a water based clear that is flat so it smooths out.

  7. Matt

    If I go silver, then there needs to be some sort of Silver in the base to connect it all

  8. Matt

    And another, the issue here is the black top and the silver top do not match up with the rest of the Railway. Although there is an argument for the silver since the HQ Color pallett is Red, Black and Silver, white is an off white for signage only

  9. Matt

    I am planning on making the window on the dorr larger which will help the ballence of it all.

  10. ART

    Matt, I like most of your combinations, however, whichever one you pick, may I suggest painting the cinder blocks red…………………….you know……..for balance.


  11. ART

    The more that I look at the options and the building on the right, I would think it should match… peak with white roof trim…….bwtfdik.

      • floyd r turbo

        Anyone that can cook bacon in a bikini without getting burned from grease spatter is bada$$ in my book.

  12. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    I got into you head, with that Five man electricial band song the other day “sign sign everywhere a sign” did’nt I Matt. Cool song. Mike , I did’nt realise that the cowsills did a version of that also. Ear worms can make a person productive. Very cool sign. I think another story would be hanging it. Silver peak. It breaks it up.

  13. floyd r turbo

    If you expand the pictures you might change your mind as to what looks “right”. These little 2″ x 3″ aren’t large enough to make an informed decision. When I expand it the red gable end looks best. I originally agreed with Troy until I expanded the pic.

    • Troy in ANE

      OK Floyd I get what you are saying, but I still like this best (only with the bigger windows and no writing).

      I don’t have photo shop or I would make that combination, and NO I don’t think it needs to match the other building either.

  14. Randy

    If all this gets too confusing I’d say put four legs on the sign and turn it into a great coffee table for your ‘lounge’.

  15. Ron in Seattle

    Amazing work Matt, fun to see it happening.
    Leave the gable red, but paint the trim triangle silver.
    Liking bigger window, same style as existing window.
    Another vote to paint the concrete block red.

    How do we collect our consultant fee? 🙂

  16. Ray in 1000 Islands

    Great ideas from all. But, I prefer red gable end with white trim for facia; larger window that nearly matches the one on the left for “window sill” and upper “height” from the ground, pane numbers and size – currently proposed window is too large, too low and just looks silly. Place “Life in the Past Lane below the new window in two lines as shown, in black. Paint the block foundation red.