Even time is frozen stiff

Yikes, here in Virginia its in the 20’s which I know is nothing to all our fellow citizens up north. In fact I am sure if its 20 in Jim Staibville, thats considered a warm spell. But here in the top of the south, we are not really set up emotionally for this. I do have coveralls, and yes gloves and so on. But Yikes. So today as I sit here in the warmth doing all the final art for t shirts for Dora, share your temps! And yes smart ass’s from Florida, you are invited as well. Dig in to the wound.

The final cup art is a blend of simple and detail. We added some fun little easter eggs to keep you going in the AM

We combined the new OUTLAW look with the Past lane, and it worked. A little street sign feel and new T in bold Navy and red

even looks cold

playing with color and creating a mood.

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28 Responses to “It’s C.c.c.c.c.c.c.Old Here in Woodyboaterville”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    The cup and shirt look good. 15 and light snow in Michigan this morning. You get no sympathy here!

  2. Cameron

    We were promised 38C, but after 34C yesterday, it’s a blessing it’s a bit cooler. Definitely going boating this evening when it cools down.

  3. Paul Arthur LaVoie

    We’ve got -17 in northern Minnesota close to the Brainerd Lakes area. Ice is 18 inches thick.

  4. ART

    { know in comparison the 41 we have here in central FL (Astor) does not compare to the fridge north, but its NOT supposed to get this cold here. They are predicting 32 tonight……………….UGGGGGH!

  5. Chug-A-Lug

    Huddle up to the stove and drink hot fluids.Darn right cool up here the Minnesota nipple too.

  6. Troy in ANE

    Looks like a bit of a warming trend here since we have been in the single digits.

  7. m-fine

    We had a low of -8 yesterday but it has warmed up to 22 this morning. 75 inside with the wood stove going. Now if I could only get Tobler to bring in new logs. He likes to carry them into the middle of the yard which is not helpful.

  8. Tim Robinson

    50 here in So Cal goin to be close to 70 for the high (shorts weather)

  9. WoodyGal

    High of 59 f today in central Oklahoma. Last week it never was above freezing for three days.
    Mugs and T-shirts look good!

  10. Briant

    Oh brother, b!tching about some low temps….

    For Chrissakes, at one point it was 2,385 degrees in Wickenburg, which this weather man deemed a total loss !

    (The way this weather man deadpanned his entire messed up segment is comedy genius.)

  11. Reddog

    23 high of 24 near Detroit today. Also had 2″of snow last night. 5-6 ” total for the season so far. …mug and shirt look real good. Gonna try to go to Dora this year. My older bro lives in Lakeland. Also gonna try to see
    bike week and hydro races

  12. Kelly Wittenauer

    That “past lane” shirt looks awesome! Hope a size medium will be available online.

    Oh, and it’s 19F here in White Lake, MI, where I’m babysitting my grandson. 37F at home in northern KY. At 2:51pm.

  13. Chug-A-Lug

    Look who keeps crawling out of the freezer.I’m gonna have to padlock it shut.

  14. Ron in Seattle

    Like the cup and the “past lane” logo. Can I use it in the boat show please? Tks!

  15. Terry

    Ok, I can’t rub it in too much today. It’s 45 here on the Meant To Be at Port Canaveral, Florida, but getting up to 65.