2 Cobras

Okay we got the 2/2/22 thing out of the way. Yes we get it, its alot of 2’s too day. I dont even want to turn on the news because some local news station is no doubt going to make some lame ass joke about it. UGH! Yes, too much 2’s. And what in the hell does 2 have to do with classic boats? I really don’t know or care, but it is a theme idea for today so just run with it. And no doubt Troy will find some twins or whatever else 2 things live in our brains. Did I mention we are all about Motor Boats here?

Its a Cobra Dance Party

Dance Dance Dance

Red and Gold Cobras

Before and after Cobras

2 carbs

2 Engines!

2 ports

Riva Twins

Extreme Twins on Miss America IX

Lyman Twins


2 of the best barn finds of of the Century…and Chris Craft

Too Much?



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29 Responses to “Yes, It’s 2/2/22 2day. Get Ready For 2Many 2 Jokes”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Twin Deluxe Runabouts. 10 inches of snow in Michigan today. No boating!

  2. Troy in ANE

    2 Funny!

    Lets do some twins for the ladies 2day.

    I’m an equal opportunity perv!

    • Wudzgud

      Oh wait, Matt I see a story for the 22nd of February. A hole lotta 2’s.

  3. don vogt

    Sorry Matt, this has already been thought of. 1926 “My cutey’s due at two to two today”, lyrics by irving bilbo and leo robin.

  4. Frank@Falmouth

    Double your pleasure, double your fun. Marketing Campaign for ???

  5. Dick Dow

    Brings to mind another old song… “Tea for two, and two for tea, me for you and you for me…” Wait – that may be a little too much. To be, or not to be – determined! Toodaluu! 😉

  6. Bill & Linda

    No boats here. But, wait !
    There was a boat before the photoshop guy cut it off. Rats.

    Ok, we won’t get further carried away.

  7. Troy in ANE

    Oh boy!

    Looks like Bill has his own twins!

    How about dating ourselves again.

    • Bill & Linda

      Yes, you can see that Linda has an identical twin sister. And Bill can’t always tell ’em apart.

  8. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da UP)

    I think I will have 2 of these 22 oz Beers before I go to bed. That should cap off 2-2-22 pretty well.