It will light up your man cave

To follow up on the past couple days of fake rants, I thought it might be nice to feature something that is real. There is no way this is a fake. Why would anyone fake a fiberglass mold, old wiring and so on. Not to mention an obscure local beer brand. The fact that the seller claims no cracks is a clue he or she knows this stuff.

Real old brittle wiring.

Oh ya

All right vibes

WOW! Thats real!

This little lit up magic lantern would look so cool in a boathouse bar. Or if you own a bar near or on the water. Definitely would add some boat pizazz. After a rewire. The art doesn’t look all faded out. which is a huge bonus as well. As to price. It is what it is and and try and find another one this nice.


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19 Responses to “It’s Real, And It’s Spectacular.”
  1. Troy in ANE

    It must be the middle of winter when a teetotaler puts on his header: “I NEED A DRINK”.

    We start heading south in just 18 days!

  2. Mike K

    This sign comes up once in awhile on eBay
    The picture is interchangeable and came in a set of 4 or 5
    If I recall properly it had 2 woody boar scenes I think the other was a skier the other scenes were fishing and hunting
    Pretty rare but usually goes for less than this price

    Sometime the film scenes are on eBay without the light

  3. floyd r turbo

    Does it matter if its real or fake when you’re riding in it? Wa Chee We on Lake Muskoka.

  4. floyd r turbo

    When John (the owner) fires up the V-10 Viper motor built by famous Indy car motor builder Ilmore it suddenly becomes real at 3/4 throttle and you’re doing 65+ over the water in a 36 foot launch.

  5. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    One of my other hobbies/obsessions is collecting vintage beer signs such as the one discussed today.What a cool sign. I have a few with boats on them. And they’re real. (Vintage)

    • ART A

      My uncle (MHRIP) was a VP of Stroh’s, but I never got any signs from him just some Stroh’s glasses.

    • John Klockau

      I have a few too. I have a duplicate to the port hole one and a GB with a guy falling out of a canoe.

  6. Just one more!

    Different beer different type of boat. Sorry for the duplicate.

  7. Rabbit

    I had a light up Hamms beer sign on college that had the moving water. The Hamms bear was sliding down a stream into the lake as the other animals watched. I want it back!