Twosday, 2sday, 2/22.2022, mmmmm what should I do a story on 2day? I burned the 2 theme on 2/2/22 but 2day has the twoesday thing going for it? Ya, on the surface this looks like a story that can write its self. Anyway you look at it, its a loop story. A palindrome, as in no mater how you look at it, its the same.

Mr B does not care if its Twosday

I have been so focused on the porch for HQ my brain is drained of any boating thoughts. So Mr B is helping with the story today.

Mr “B”ench is loaded with tools and stuff.


Take a Bow Wow Mr B

HEY, we could have done a story on #2’s so be happy it’s just Mister B.


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13 Responses to “WOO WOO It’s 2/22/22”
  1. Troy in ANE headed to FLA soon!

    So as I started reading this morning I somehow thought it was Wednesday and you had finally gone off your rocker, but now it was just me.

    All this Twosday talk reminds me of good old Whimpy.

  2. mahoganymadness

    2 things to finish on the boat 22 days before the boat needs to be ready…and 22 hour drive to Dora…that sums this day up

  3. briant

    2 many burgers put way 2 fat Whimpy 2 meters underground due to his Type 2 diabetes.

  4. Bill & Linda

    And if celebrate on a boat, or at the beach, be sure to wear your hat to avoid sunburn…..

  5. Ole Olson's boat scratching service

    love the news story of the baby born on 2/22/22 at 2:22 in room 2.