Very close to done

It’s that time of year when I start to look at myself in the mirror and think. Well, you slob, you have let yourself go. I used to blame my eating, and sitting in my chair too much. But over the past year I have noticed something very interesting. The Railway despite one of the more dangerous environments I play in, has saved me. As in I physically feel better after a day of feeling miserable lifting and moving stuff.

Wayne getting ready for another workout

How it looks from the water. The area over the rail Motor is a removable hatch

In a very weird way, it’s a new morning workout. Lifting 6×6’s and moving gravel and boats around makes me feel alive. AND is a bazillion times more rewarding than the misery of a treadmill.

All coming together

Working out the rails on the steps was a brain stumper. All the angles and different widths of cuts can bring you to your knees

The “Leaning Power Pole Of Reedville is still there as a monument to creosote!

Gotta say, for the first time, I thought..mmm, maybe should have payed more attention in Geometry class.

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13 Responses to “The Deck Diet. Oh It’s A Thing? Kinda, Okay, Is It Just Me?”
  1. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    I wouldn’t worry about getting lazy or soft Matt. All of the things you get done! Looks good.

  2. BT

    The level steps to the slanted driveway. With rise and run?? Bravo! That’s when I call in my brother the carpenter.

  3. Rabbit

    Ready to tackle that pole now? And, really, it’s worth staining that deck after the treated lumber is dry. If you maintain a woody you can throw a new coat of stain on every few years. The physical work will save you.

  4. floyd r turbo

    There’s nothing like carrying wet 6×6;s down to the water from their drop point in 15 degree weather. Then setting them in the lake bed when the water is down with wind 20-30 mph, Then climbing up 150 yards up hill to pick up 15 more. At 66+ there should be a law against this. To coin a phrase, “we need more young people in this…” Apparently, they’re all in their grandmother’s basement collecting a gov’mint check cause they ain’t workin’. BTW, the deck looks awesome, well done.

  5. John Rothert

    Yes Matt, you are living my life now…enjoy it …. satisfying….

    How many days? Troy is on the road!

    John in Va

  6. tom

    Nothing more rewarding than physical labor that accomplishes something like the projects you have taken on here. Especially when it saves a fortune in someone else’s labor. Framing and deck work is great for the brain and the body.