This building has it all.

Only 20 ish days. Please keep any drama from happening in FLA for at least a month or two. PALEEEEEASE! No hurricanes, or crazy batship a FLORIDA MAN stuff. No alligators eating fluffy stuff. Just calm nice sunshine. Oh, no pandemic, or war? Murder Bee’s, Karens, okay just the one Karen is great.

Wilbur, the best name ever

Beer, sun, gas. Perfect timeless moment

The big one and not sure what Jr is holding

Darla, go out there and sit. No, just sit. Wilbur I am getting splinters in my bottom. Darla, smile..And so it goes. The red and green cans are cool

The tour from hell? To hell? Or Hellen, and back? Get it, a Hellen joke. Helsinki? Gertrude, hellen, Thad, and Zor all out on a boot ride

I am sorry, the kid is a turd, but that little yellow jacket is insane cool

They cast the perfect drunk. We all knew a guy like this. Always a cocktail in hand.. a shaking hand. Oh boy, I used to laugh at him, now.. well. I understand. COMPLETLY!

Pervs are timeless

Now can we get back to this building. The water puddles are my favorite part. The portholes, the stack. Perfection. I wonder if its still standing. This is copy from the historical society in the area Marty’s Show Boat at the Northernaire at Three Lakes, Wisconsin Publisher Wausau, WI: Wyman Photo Center Date range 1940-1949; 1950-1959; 1960-1969; 1970-1979 Description A color postcard showing Carl Marty’s Showboat. The restaurant and entertainment venue was opened in 1940 by Marty and was incorporated, along with his golf course, into his resort– the Northernaire. The Northernaire was operated by Carl Marty and his son, Mike Marty, until 1979 when Carl Marty passed away and the resort was sold. Sources: The Pine, The Plow and The Pioneer, V. I; “Marty Dies; Wildlife Advocate, Owner of Northernaire” The Milwaukee Journal, June 13, 1979.

Post cards

Okay it gets deeper the more I research Marty’s. Marty is a last name and this place became a whopper resort super club deal. WOW. Someone knows more than the internet. But what a fun place.

These buildings are called Ship Shaped buildings

Love it


You can see how large this all became


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26 Responses to “Predora Flapping About Sausage.”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Marty’s I think is in Staib country. Maybe Jim can tell us more.

  2. Cliff

    Ditch the DECK and build a “ShipShaped building!” At the railway. Oh yes this is what the Boatress wants too, I’m sure of it. Hope it still stands. 😁. Super cool.

    • floyd r turbo

      Really, who goes fishing in brown and white wingtips, lol.

  3. m-fine

    I am guessing it is warmer in Tavares than at Marty’s so I will keep my plans to fly SOUTH.

  4. Jim Staib

    The Showboat has been subdivided in to several warerfront lots that are now for sale. Golf course still in business.
    The Northernaire hung on till there were buckets on the floor for the leaky roof. Was bulldozed about 20 years ago and came back as condos. Still in business and a good place to stay as they have piers on the chain of 28 lakes.

  5. Kelly Wittenauer

    On the “ship shaped” building theme. A house on the Fox chain of lakes in northern IL.

  6. steve bunda

    Bob Hope came to the Northernaire , he flew into the Minocqua airport that was operated by Laurie’s uncle and aunt. The airport is now named after him Noble Lee International.
    Elizabeth Taylor also used that airport. Northern wisconsin has a very interesting history of vacation guests. The Northernaire was a big entertainment venue.

    • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

      Since we’re talking about boat themed houses. How about the Benson Ford ship house on Put in Bay.

  7. Mike K

    Illinois governor jellybelly pritzker lake Geneva mansion

    Remember him jim!

    • Jim Staib

      YUP! Remember him well. After I closed on my place in Wisconsin I went directly to the DMV and bought WI plates for my truck. Jelly Belly had raised trailer plates to $117. I had several to move. Wisconsin does not require plates on single axle trailers. Started saving right away.

  8. RivaDella

    Yep, we have one in WA too, the m/v Jupiter Inlet, at Point No Point on Puget Sound.

  9. Big Al

    I bet the little Boy is holding the weight, and length of the Fish on that piece of paper….
    Details lots to time. Any idea of WHAT kind of fish (species you knuckleheads) it is?

  10. Gary Visser

    The little boy picture: The fish is a Tarpon and what he’s holding may be the weight, or possibly a scale from the fish. The scales are very big and frequently pulled and kept or gifted for the angler to remember the trip. The fish is not eaten and gratefully they are released today with limited harm.

  11. Bob Menzel

    Oakland Beach Hotel Conneaut Lake PA. I believe it was demo’d around 1960.

  12. Tom in Upstate NY

    Here’s another boat building, this one is up near Alexandria Bay NY, right on Rt 12. This picture is from Google Maps, but the property use to be a miniature golf course and a few other things but I think now it’s not much at all. I believe this use to be the restaurant part of the property at one time.