We will be unloading some of the old Covid inventory

If you are coming to Lake Dora this year, I am clearing out the lips and snouts of T shirt inventory and will be selling all the stuff at Pre Inflation numbers. Maybe even pre pre inflation. Maybe even Pre Pre Pre Pandemic supply chain excuses numbers. Now of course they may be some of the 5X sizes, and be a tad dated.

I might even have some odd ball stuff. The Canceled T shirt.

One of our first stores at Dora

But we are all a bit dated and well, have you looked in the mirror lately? Ya. You may have not died from Covid, but you will if you keep eating like you did. And really, chances are you have worn out all your crap cloths and need some more. So at Lake Dora I am unloading.

We will have hats, and new cups. Hopefully the cups will make it


*I do not want to have to ship another box of stuff back to the store. And no, I wont save anything for you or ship it myself. You can ask, and it will never happen because I will forget. Oh trust me, I will forget. Like that email you sent me, I get around 300 or so a day. The phone is like a vibrator and sorry, but it all gets lost in the fog of war. I may actually need an assistant. WTH? I got rid of assistants 20 years ago, and now here we are again. Hey, I may call them an assistant, my kids say nurse or caretaker. I don’t care anymore. Ya, I just farted and so what? Not even funny anymore. Okay, yes it is.

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12 Responses to “Sausage Sale At Lake Dora*”
  1. Shep on Lake Shafer IN

    I will plan to help you reduce your inventory of old tee’s if you have size large.
    You also said you had some new hats!
    I hope you got more red ones? Mine is getting a little worn!
    If not we need to talk.
    Please save me a large life in the past lane shirt.
    Hope to see everyone in two weeks on Lake Dora.
    Sounds like I need to pull Mom’s Mink out of her winter storage spot and go through the trailer so I don’t lose a fender to.
    Troy hope you got to Dora with out any more problems?
    Looking to seeing friends and warmer weather again.

    • Troy in FLA


      Doing good so far! We are in Palm Beach Gardens tonight. Heading over to Charlotte Harbor tomorrow for a week plus than in Tavares on the 16th.

      You know the scary part is that the video of Camp
      Bombazine actually looks like Matt. Oh how things change over time!

  2. Floydrturbo

    As long as that was a fart and not a shart you’re good to go otherwise you might wanna change your sheets.

  3. Kelly Wittenauer

    Likely the only baby shower gift, that would also amuse this crew. Did not know this was a thing till yesterday & now must acquire for my 2 yo grandson. “Farmyard Farts” scratch & sniff children’s book.

    • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

      Kelly, this must be the trend in children’s books now😃

  4. Randy

    … hmmmmm, is the 5X tee shirt large enough to use for a ‘boat sock’ for my 14′ AristoCraft???

  5. Dick Dow

    I think the header would make a great T-shirt! Simple, clean and cute! Just sayin’…

  6. Arnie

    I agree with the header on a T-shirt. I think my wife would enjoy wearing it.

    • Bill & Linda

      Header T-Shirt?
      It does not have “Woody Boater” but it could…….
      (copyright issues)

    • Reddog

      The best part of the last video is the satisfaction and enjoyment she gets from JUST LETTIN IT RIP”……feeling bad for the Boatress getting the “Dutch Oven ” in your video Matt