We are all set up in the same place

As so it begins. 3 years in the waiting, and here we are. Seeing folks is amazing.  In fact this isnt a show its a reunion, and should be called that from now on. It always feels like that, but this time its a special feeling. And shockingly many folks look better. Healthier and full of joy. And best of all, each of us has retained the crazy part of us that makes this all so much fun. I swear I laughed all day long.. The photos are all not that great from yesterday, rained all day. But today is gonna be a ship show for sure with everyone showing up at once. Yikes. Stay tuned

Waiting for sunshine

I have questions

best name ever

The sign says it all. DONT LOOK LEFT

Jim’s old twin engine monster

A Gar, and some baby Gar’s

Right in front of the tent

It is Florida after all

Cool bathrooms.

LOVE this launch

Pink in the field of dreams

And Dinner! Oh hell ya!


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15 Responses to “The Lake Dora … Reunion.”
  1. m-fine

    Is the tent open yet? I am headed over to see if I can be first in line…and the most annoying customer of the day.

  2. Tavares Tom

    Beware of the snakes behind your tent.
    Heading to the show soon in Nuisance.

  3. Floydrturbo

    You’ll be busier than…well, you know the old saying. Great to reconnect. Unfortunately, the boat owner I traveled with was ready to leave this morning after the River cruise. That will be my last trip with that group. The show has become very “linear”. It’s a long stretch from one end to the other now. Hmm

  4. m-fine

    At the tent now. Looks like they are starting the day with a self serve 100% off sale!

  5. BT

    We are leaving shortly from St. Pete Beach (a couple hours away) Please save a coffee mug – I’m presuming that the mugs come filled with fresh coffee??

    • m-fine

      The mugs optionally come filled with Dora lake water, which is the same color as coffee.

  6. Steve Anderson from Michigan

    I wish I could be there, next year’s reunion for sure!

  7. WoodyGal

    Copacabana! You’re killin’ me! Ok gotta go fix myself a Mojito…